Lock Your Doors: Rash Of Maplewood Break-Ins

A spree of burglaries in Maplewood’s East End have residents on edge. CBS reports that 10 homes all within three blocks were hit, during the day, and burglars made off in one case — with a little girl’s pink laptop. Break-ins from back doors were the pattern; alarms scared the burglars off in some cases. How secure are your doors, Baristaville? Touring open houses last Sunday in Montclair, I was amazed at how many homes had back doors with flimsy locks. Do you have charming French doors in the back that can easily be broken into? How about an alarm? One Maplewood Online reader suggests a double cylinder with deadlock on any door with glass.

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  1. The rest of the story

    The area that this has been taking place in is the boundry line between Maplewood and Irvingston (The lower Boyden School area) to those who might know the area. The ones doing these break-ins are 90% residents of Irvington, mostly young males who need buck for drugs, or are selling them to those looking to buy. The cops are having their hands full down in that arm-pit of Maplewood. It used to be very nice, but….times & residents change, too. It’s been an ongoing problem. They are also looking for empty houses, and they break in and turn it into a “drug den” outta police sight. Allthough it may sound like it, it is not the area of Maplwood that I came from. But, I read their town paper, too.

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