Montclair Teens Join Rally in DC

Montclair teens went to their own rally in DC, one that wasn’t headed by a TV personality. The member of the Montclair Branch NAACP Youth Council joined the  rally for One Nation Working Together. Gabrielle Peterson, the Communications Chairperson for the Montclair NAACP, wrote in about the experience. Read it on Barista Kids.

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  1. If you click on the rally organizers website you would easily see that their name One Nation Working Together is very misleading as is their mission statement of inclusiveness.

    First indication. “Photos (of the event) provided by the Daily Koz” , lol. One Nation Working Together? Doubtful. I guess if that ‘nation’ is only people that agree with their narrow lefty agenda.

    They claim they want to have a nation that is united and welcome everyone including conservatives and moderates. Their mission begins ” We are conservatives and moderates” , lol.

    Photos of the rally show a far different picture (pun intended). The usual rhetoric, senseless divisive signs trashing the GOP, the ‘rich’ and conservatives. Here are some of the signs at this unity rally, (pardon the language, its not mine) “kissing the GOP A$$ gets you Tea Bagged” , “The Trickle Down Theory is nothing but a Golden Shower”, “Fox News Unconstitutional” , “Fox News the more you watch the less you know” “Stop Robbing the Middle Class to pay the Rich”

    Diversity and unity?

    I really love the video of Democrat Party Chairman Howard Dean encouraging people to join this organization and stop ‘the people that want to push our nation backward who have become louder”. What a crock…..

    I love the way the article is written it leads you to believe it’s just a bunch of kids that got together with other kids from all walks of life sharing the same goal of unity and a ‘brighter future” (authors words). When in fact it was such a far left rally that one of the sponsors was the Communist Party USA. It’s a shame, these children probably thought they were there to meet people from all walks of life and sharing a similar goal of coming together with others and making a better nation and had no idea it was a marxist indoctrination rally.

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