My Favorite Place: Parlor Hair Studio, Montclair

Since moving here almost seven years ago, I’ve fallen in love with so many places in Montclair. What was hard at first was giving up some of the old places, where I used to live. I haven’t done that completely. My kids still see a pediatrician in NYC, (yes we’re crazy). And for a time, very early on, I was commuting back to NYC for my hair – to a place all the way on the East Side no less– until I quickly saw the madness of killing ¾ of a day on cut, color plus travel time.

My hair has always been tricky –super curly, prone to frizz – I’ve had more than my share of bad hair days. When I found a stylist I could trust, I’ve always stayed faithful. Geography was making a decision for me this time – but it turned out to be a blessing.

I found Parlor Hair Studio in Montclair and never looked back — or ventured back across the river. When I walk into Parlor, I hand myself over to the pros there and let myself be taken care of – something I don’t do as much as I should – and something I really appreciate and value when it happens.

The place you go for your cut, your color, your blowout, should be a place where you feel absolutely comfortable. For me, Parlor is that place. I sit back in Tracy’s chair and I put my hair into her hands. She’s gotten me past my bygone blond days to a color close to my own. She’s helped me with my hair and its ever-changing texture. Most of all, she looks at me, my hair and always comes up with interesting ideas and tweaks, so somehow it never feels like the same old thing, even though I’ve been in her chair for years now.

Not only do I relax when I’m at Parlor, I somehow feel nourished by my surroundings. Parlor’s loft-like space reminds me of my college days in Greenwich Village and the studio evokes an artistic aesthetic. Parlor showcases area artists so its walls are an ever-changing exhibit space. The last time I came in for a trim, hanging all over the salon, were inspiring pieces from Arts Unbound, a non-profit dedicated to arts for youth, adults and seniors with disabilities. I like getting my haircut at a place where beauty and giving back are important (founders Wendy and Rosemary are always doing cool things — like this recent fundraiser.) I know when I walk in the door, someone (often Rosemary) will offer me a drink when I get there. I know I’ll be seen promptly and if I call last minute, someone (thanks Rosemary!) will find a way to squeeze in an appointment for me. The positive, feel-good vibe that Parlor exudes translates to the staff — and even the patrons (seems I’m always running into friends or meeting interesting people at Parlor).

I trust Parlor and have gotten so comfortable there, I’ve taken things to the next level. I’ve entrusted Parlor with my kids’ hair, too. My daughter got her first big girl haircut from Danielle and is now a regular. My son, who hated hair cuts for as long as I can remember, goes to Erica and actually asks to get his long mop cut now. Taking the kids to Parlor is one more thing that makes my life easier – and that’s why it’s my favorite place.

Parlor is located at 233 Glenridge Ave in Montclair.

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  1. Tracey at Parlor is the best. She cuts and colors my hair better than any other stylist I’ve been to. She’s also a cool chick who I look forward to seeing every 4-5 weeks.

    Danielle also cuts my girls hair and knows exactly what to do with their bouncy curls.

    I love everything about Parlor.

  2. Erica at Parlor is the best, she understands how to tame a curl and can get my hair super straight in any kind of weather…

  3. parlor is great! i avoided salons for years because i couldn’t stand gossipy stylists, bad haircuts and blowouts that made me look like a grandma. i was cutting my own hair for a few years until i met tracy. not only does she do awesome cuts but she makes every client feel comfortable and look beautiful! i love the art shows too! i think it’s fantastic that rosemary and wendy do so much to support charities and local artists. our community wouldn’t be the same without parlor!

  4. Danielle is very talented and so sweet! I was instantly at ease after meeting her and the whole staff is friendly and they work well together. I love the look she gave me and I can’t wait to go back!! I highly recommend the Parlor, especially Danielle!

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