Whoopi Goldberg To Host Local Gripe Fest

Very few people except her neighbors in the cloistered Llewellyn Park have gotten to see Whoopi Goldberg since she moved to West Orange last fall.

But on Thursday, we can all meet Whoopi at the Barnes and Noble at Clifton Commons, where she’ll be signing copies of her new book, “Is It Just Me? Or Is It Nuts Out There?”, a screed about public rudeness and bad manners.

Whoopi will also be signing copies of her newest children’s book, “Terrible Terrel” which is the fourth book in her Sugar Plum Ballerinas Series.

Admission to Whoopi’s Clifton appearance is contingent on a purchase of “Is it Just Me?” or “Terrible Terrel” the day of the event (or bn.com receipt). They’ll be giving out special wristbands at the store.

WHO: Whoopi Goldberg
WHAT: Book signing

WHEN: Thursday, October 7 at 6:30 p.m.
WHERE: Barnes & Noble, 395 Rt. 3 East, Clifton NJ

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  1. “Is It Just Me? Or Is It Nuts Out There?”, a screed about public rudeness and bad manners.”

    You mean like when she called Glen Beck a “lying sack of dog mess” (Sh*t) on The View?

    Or maybe when she asked John McCain on The View if she should worry about being a slave if he was elected and were to appoint Supreme Court Judges?

    Thank goodness we have Whoopi to bring civility and manners back to our culture!

  2. My first reaction reading this headline was, “What has SHE got to gripe about?” living in Llewellyn Park and all, having a hit show, etc.

    I’m with ROC on this one. I’ve seen her “lose her sh*t” on national TV too many times. Not my model of manners and civility at all.

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