“365 Stories” Meets a VA Hospital VIP Ambassador

Day #4 Meet Venessa

Today I went to the East Orange VA Hospital to see if I might met a veteran. On every other occasion I have been there, I end up talking with strangers for hours, swapping military stories and sharing mutual frustrations. But today, things went a little differently. Venessa might suggest that our meeting was meant to be…

V: I was a chaplain assistant for 12 years in the Army.
E: As a Chaplain’s Assistant what was the most challenging thing that you had to do?
V: Umm, while stationed in Turkey, the Chaplain was gone and I had to entertain the troops and see that their morale was taken care of, and do whatever it takes to feel like home was there for them.

E: What was the best part of the job?
V: When I gave them a Thanksgiving Program and I let each ethnicity do what they remembered doing in their homes, be it poems or songs or whatever for Thanksgiving.

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