The State of Your Pumpkin

Maplewood’s Tina Kelley won’t have pumpkins for much longer. She sends in her entry for most disturbing pumpkin and writes…”the squirrels are ravenous this year. rot also will be a factor in this weather. i love it when the faces of pumpkins wrinkle in like 90-year-olds.”

Halloween was just days ago, and tomorrow’s Diwali, but of course, Christmas is already here — here’s your evidence from a Maplewood storefront. How’s your pumpkin and what are you celebrating?

Photos: Joy Yagid (pumpkins); Carolyn Maynard Parisi (holiday window).

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  1. My pumpkin is doing just fine, thank you very much. Probably because we never carved it. We bought it in early October, too. Right now, I’m not celebrating anything. Looking forward to Thanksgiving and then, only after, will think about the winter holidays, despite what Duane Reade and Home Depot want me to do.

  2. Oh! TOMORROW’S Diwali? Damn! I though it was NEXT Friday!

    I’ll have to drive into Satash Palace and pick up some naan.

  3. I’ve already seen a house decorated for Christmas, the yard littered with candy canes and cheesy lighted trees. Ugh! It’s as welcome now as it is in February.

    Happy Diwali all!

  4. My pumpkin’s in a zombified state. It’s like its flame went out. Dr Jack-o-Lantern came by to resuscitate to no avail. He had a pre-existing condition that not even Obamacare could cure.

    If only there had been a single payer system in place. Oh cruel world.

  5. MM, it would be pretty embarrassing for India if a coconut landed on the head of a visiting head of state. It’s a security and media detail. Like cleaning streets and putting up barricades.

  6. It’s ok they’re going to send the coconuts to Gilligan via raft so he can turn it into a biofuel and finally get off that damn island.

  7. Darn MM The music in my head is now “Put the Lime in the Coconut” and that replaced Piaf’s “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” which was nicely suggested by Doctor Croi

  8. Though I am a Harry Nilsson fan, I can understand how that repetitive lyric could drive one mad.

    How about replacing it with Monty Python’s “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts”?


  9. The carbon footprint of Obama’s arrival in India was so great the mouth of the Ganges river in Gangotri Glacier receded 10 feet.

    But it was ok, India had hedged the glacier loss by selling carbon credits and came out ahead on the trade.

    Obama heralded a hero.

  10. “MM, it would be pretty embarrassing for India if a coconut landed on the head of a visiting head of state.”

    Actually, I would find it kinda funny (as long it wasn’t a serious injury). Very Three Stooges.

  11. I thought this was a little too personal, until I went outside to dispose of my pumpkin so here it goes…dry, crusty, shrivelled (sp?) a few nutty squirrels jumping in and out, smelly, and it looks as though there are pieces missing.

    What more can I say? I picked it up and tossed it into a plastic bag for the garbage man to take away!

  12. Pumpkin’s soft and mushy, mums turning brown, 3 weeks from now is Black Friday … it’s beginning to look a lot like CCCChhhhhrrrrriiissss…….

    Sorry Nellie!

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