Save Our Schools Montclair Continues to Fight

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Save Our Schools, or SOS, is the small group of Montclair parents who created a petition against some of the threatened cuts to Montclair’s education:

  • half-day kindergarten
  • closing Renaissance and/or Edgemont Montessori School
  • increasing class size

They presented the petition, now with 527 signatures, at the November 15 Board meeting and again at a meeting with Superintendent Dr. Alvarez and Business Administrator Dana Sullivan on November 29.

According to SOS:

Dr. Alvarez stated that he had been following the petition and took note of parent comments that they moved to Montclair and stayed here for the Magnet system, including its small school choices, Renaissance, and Edgemont–the only public Montessori school in NJ. He urged parents to keep expressing their interest in keeping their schools open with reasonable class sizes, and maintaining full day kindergarten. Dr. Alvarez stressed that the district had made huge gains in closing the performance gap between various groups of students and that moving to half day kindergarten would put those gains in peril. He said that parents and the community play an important role in the current budget process.

They also created a Facebook page which states, “SOS intends to inspire the community to action toward preserving the essential “building blocks” of Montclair’s nationally acclaimed Magnet School System, to maintain our property values, and to maintain Montclair as a desirable place for families to live. We are capable, we are smart, we are willing to work, and we are a community of multiple talents. These deficit numbers – are not that large if we approach them collectively. We are not facing insurmountable odds. This is doable. This is doable and important. We are not helpless.”

One Edgemont parent involved with SOS says, “We are hoping to be in full force at the next BOE meetings (December 6th and 20th) and possibly be protesting outside the BOE building in the next couple of weeks.” They are asking for support and involvement from more parents at the upcoming BoE meetings.

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  1. POSTED BY butterfly  |  November 30, 2010 @ 1:51 pm


    “We are capable, we are smart, we are willing to work, and we are a community of multiple talents.”

    That might hold true for the parents but what about the BOE ?

    How about shorten the summer break to 6 weeks and use the time to improve our students (test prep, curriculum catch-up etc) ?

    Where are the ‘willing-to-work’ supporting this ?

  2. POSTED BY bebopgun  |  November 30, 2010 @ 9:36 pm

    Half day kindergarten? How long has the town had full day kindergarten?

  3. POSTED BY  |  August 21, 2011 @ 9:22 pm

    There is more at stake here.
    Half day kindergarten needs to remain a choice!
    Please read more… Thank you…

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