Everyday is New Year’s for Dogs

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Each day seems to begin anew for our beloved animal friends, without the structure of a human calendar of events. I imagine that the only thing they notice about holidays — as opposed to any other day of the year — is that the people in their packs are home more, and may be more likely to play. Perhaps there are also better table scraps.

For the dogs at Brookdale’s Dog Park this morning, playing and romping were the tasks at hand, along with a group chase after one slimy tennis ball and a less gunky geometric-looking throw toy. Oh, yes, and they all seemed to enjoy peeing on the snowman in the corner of the park (seen in the above photo, in far left corner).

At any rate, Happy New Year Baristaville dogs. May your romp be long and healthy, and may a holiday feast be put in your bowl.

Montclair’s 4th Ward “Moves” Into 2011

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Councilor Renee Baskerville, M.D., the 4th Ward Collaborative and Health Commissioner Alfred Davis, Jr., D.C. & Partners* invite the public to start 2011 with and afternoon of fun and fittness at the Wally Choice Community Center in Glenfield Park on New Year’s Day.

Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body & Spirit! Dance: Zumba, Family Hip Hop, Salsa; Healthy, Fun Foods; Fitness & Strength Trainers; Workshops: Peak Performance, “Six Facets of Health,” Restful Sleep, Good Posture, Balanced Spine, Positive Attitude, Proper Nutrition; Interactive Presentations; Stretching & Exercises; Work Out While Watching the New Years Day Games on Large Screen TVs

Libations Honoring the Ancestors & Imani-Faith-The Last Day of Kwanzaa

A New Years Day Affair-Saturday, January 1, 2011
2:00P.M. – 6:00P.M.
Wally Choice Community Center-Glenfield Park
Maple Ave., Montclair
973 509-2658

* Moving Montclair 4Ward-Getting A Healthy Start PARTNERS: Dr. Cynthia Paige, Medical Director, Cypress Health Institute of New Jersey; Dr. Tyran Mincey, Integrated Healthcare; Drs. Frank Barnes & Tanya Carter, Family Eye Care; Dr. Demi Turner, Family Foot Care Center; Ms. Sharon Green, Author, I’m Not Fat, I’m Big Boned: How I lost 81 lbs; United Way, Partners for Health Foundation; Mrs. Debra Jennings, Statewide Parents Advocacy Network; Montclair NAACP; Montclair Neighborhood Development Corp. (MNDC); The Foundation for the AAP, NJ; Ms. Sylvia Bryant, Montclair Public Schools/Parents Programs; Ms. Kamille King, Dance Instructor, Sharon Miller Academy for Performing Arts; Ms. Axel Capicia & Mr. Edwardo Ciseros, SYMBEO Health; Montclair B.I.D.

2010 Year End Slideshow

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Here’s a collection of families and kids enjoying events and happenings in Baristaville during 2010. Egg hunts, Presby Iris Gardens Party, National Night Out, St. Baldricks’s fundraiser, Cookies and Caroling…..We were there.

Happy New Year!

Times Square New Year’s Eve, Streaming Live to Baristaville

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Just a dozen or so miles from the heart of Baristaville, the New Year’s Eve phenomenon that is Times Square — the symbolic center of ringing in hopes, dreams and aspirations — shows up on screens across the globe.

Millions of Americans and billions worldwide will count down the famous “dropping of the ball” from the flagpole atop One Times Square tonight, while they parallel party with the New York City revelers. Tonight, on Baristanet, you can stream the festivities live via the Times Square Alliance.

Watch it and party on…

Watch live streaming video from 2011 at livestream.com

Bloomfield’s Little-Known Parking Ticket

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Take a close look at this photo. This car is parked on Bloomfield Avenue in Bloomfield Center, about a block west of Broad Street. There is a parking ticket on the windshield. Anybody know why?

The Parking Authority in Bloomfield has lately been issuing a little-known ticket called, “Manner of Parking.” When parking at a metered spot, the vehicle’s front bumper must be at or behind the meter post — unlike this one which is aligned with the passenger door. If not positioned properly, you’ll likely find a ticket stuck under your wiper blade when you return.

However, the positioning might be a little tricky. There are no painted lines on Bloomfield Avenue indicating the exact configuration of the parking space, which can make it harder to avoid a violation. In addition, even if there is adequate room between two parked vehicles, if the available space doesn’t allow the car to specifically fit behind the meter, it’s ticket-worthy in the eyes of the Parking Authority.

When asked about this scenario, a Parking Authority representative said, “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

A Bloomfield police officer (who asked not to be named), said that many confused people have approached him in recent days concerning this violation. He admitted the ticket was a bit exacting.

At $30 a pop, perhaps the township is using the “Manner of Parking” violation as a source of revenue in these budget-strapped times?

Because of financial constraints, municipal administrator Frederick Carr told Baristanet that, “there is no plan to paint lines along Bloomfield Avenue to delineate where the parking spaces are.”

How Are You Ringing in The New Year?

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My family is celebrating at First Night Montclair then we’ll get the kids in bed, so we can enjoy a drink, or two, before we inevitably fall asleep before midnight. It’s what we’ve done every year since having our firstborn seven years ago tomorrow.

True, it’s not as exciting as being in Times Square, but it’s where we’re at in our lives now. And besides, I can still get my New Year’s wish on Times Square confetti without leaving the comfort of my own home.

What are you doing tonight?

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Ski Weekend

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So now that my son likes cold, snowy whether, the question is will he like skiing? As you read this I am heading north on the New York State Throughway to a little ski resort about an hour over the Massachusetts border. There, we will welcome in a New Year with sore muscles but also with copious amounts of soda, Pringles and raucous rounds of Old Maid.

Over past years my son has gone skiing many times. My husband skis and intends to force our children to whether they like it or not. Vovie, in fact, loves to go skiing, he just doesn’t like to ski.

Mostly, he loves the hotel rooms, the bottomless cups of hot chocolate, the hot tubs and the stuffing himself full of all the junk food allowed on vacations. He just doesn’t like to ski. But this is almost a new year and definitely a new Vovie. Maybe this year is the year – the year my kids don’t cry when we wrap them layers of fleece and thermal, hats and helmets, gloves and goggles and shove them into heavy, rigid plastic boots and attach them to unwieldy planks and then push them out into the bitter cold. I really don’t see what the problem is.

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It’s New Year’s Eve and Resolutions Abound

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Tonight, corks will be popped and resolutions will be made.

New Year’s Day represents the start of an annual mass-cultural effort to make positive changes in our lives, and improve our respective lots. Continue Reading

Baby Bouncer For Sale

Friday, Dec 31, 2010 8:00am

A Glen Ridge mom’s baby outgrew his very stylish and hip Bloom Baby Coco Stylewood Baby bouncer and she is selling it:

I’m selling this very chic bouncer for $125 including a cool carrying case. It’s in near-perfect condition and retails for $200. Looks great and is comfy and usable from birth to 26 lbs.

If interested, email her directly.

First Night, Baristaville

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For tickets and more information, click here. Here’s the line up:

The Big Apple Circus to Go, Hillside School Auditorium, 54 Orange Road, Performance times are: 5:00, 6:30 and 7:45 p.m.

Wild ‘N Whacky, Hillside School Gymnasium, 54 Orange Road, Performance times are: 5:30, 7:00 and 8:15 p.m. Continue Reading

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Sad. Let's hope that this is not its "Last Tango." One of the most beautiful and iconic buildings in town. Valentino, Garbo, Keaton must have played there.

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