7th Grader Debates Well at Model Congress

Congratulations to Hunter Finan, 13, from Mount Hebron Middle School. The 13-year-old recently brought home a first place award from Model Congress.

Hunter, see left, started out in the Model UN debate team and found himself interested in Model Congress, too. He participated in the Eighth Annual Middle School Model Congress (MidMC) alongside 100 Glenfield students, 65 from Renaissance and 52 from his own school on December 7.

MidMC provides kids the chance to write, discuss, and debate mock bills, much like members of Congress do. The goal is to enhance their political awareness and responsible citizenship through the study and debate of political issues. The Congress is divided into a Senate and House of Representatives, which are then composed of individual committees that focus on particular legislative topics.

Hunter was on the military spending team where he earned his first place award. His fellow Mount Hebron team members took home 20 percent of the day’s prizes. Montclair High School students were the judges.

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  1. Did he wave his dirty foot in the face of his competitors, saying WAIT FOR IT, WAIT FOR IT……?

    This is an odd picture to say the least- but congratulations!!!!

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