Bike Polo Comes to Maplewood

Bike Polo. Yes, polo on bikes, mountain bikes to be exact. All the fun and excitement of regular polo but without the mess. Actually it’s more fun. Much more fun. Especially when you are a bit flexible with the rules, what few rules there are.

Rule one: you can only score a goal when you hit the ball with the face of the mallet, not the side. Rule two: If your foot touches the floor its called “dabbing”. Dabbing is the equivalent to being ‘out’. To get back in the game, the rider needs to ride over and hit a cow bell hanging from the fence at the middle of the field. Rule three: You can force another rider to ‘dab’. In fact, you can force another rider off their bike. And finally rule four: Try not to actually hurt anyone. After that, pretty much anything goes, including mismatched teams and wearing a cape.

Yesterday, 12/5 at Maplewood’s DeHart Park, the second game of Bike Polo was played as a pick up game. It was 9 a.m., the temperature was 30 degrees and there were seven intrepid souls with home made mallets out to have a good time (one wearing a cape).

“I want to build a community around cycling, around racing and for riding just for fun.” said Moshe Silverstein, the unofficial leader of the group when asked about bike polo, “We’d been playing around with the idea for about a year and last week was our first game.” Moshe honed his bike polo skills riding in New York City as a bike messenger. Silverstein has other plans for bike polo. One of his goals is to introduce the game to inner city kids as a way of getting them to ride bikes. “I grew up with bikes and it make me sad to see to see kids growing up without being able to ride.”

Even though the weather was freezing, the game went past 11 a.m. with plenty of scoring and some fantastic crashes. Amy Biasucci, of Maplewood and the one wearing the cape, was the game’s high scorer with three goals.

The next meet up is scheduled for the next three Sundays, December 12th, 19th and 26th at 9 a.m. at DeHart Park. Bring your bike, helmet and your sense of humor. There will be extra mallets, in case you don’t have your own. For more information email or visit

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  1. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT tell the Mayor of Montclair about this. We might never see him again.

    On second thought…

  2. I grew up in Maplewood. You are correct, it IS one very cool town, to grow up in, and settle down in. They have alot of things going on that other towns never heard of. A BIG circus & fireworks on the 4th, Ultimate Frezbie, dog parades, car shows, free parking 365 days a year. (What IS a parking meter, pray-tell?) I think Free shuttle service to rhe N.Y. train station, and a very quaint villige for shopping, and NO chain mega big box stores.
    Alomost too many eateries to select from and I do believe N.Y. Direct tio the city. Oh, I r-got, one beeeuteeful park, that has been the backgroud for more than 1 major movie shoot.

  3. Frisbee was actually started on the campus of Yale with the throwing of pie plates from the Frisbie Pie Company in New Hampshire.

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