Cars in All The Wrong Places

BNN news service reported a “car v. building” situation at Montclair Ave. and Chestnut St. in Montclair about 4:30 p.m. today, but citizen journalist Lisa Davies reported one car on the lawn and two hitting a lamppost. Here’s her cell pic. Needless to say, motorists want to avoid that area.

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  1. Hey! I’m hurrying around like a mad woman, it’s HELL rushing from the nail salon to pick up Spencer, and deliver him to Self Esteem Enhancement, Emily to Flugelhorn lessons, and Veronica to Saber Dueling. Thankfully we’re ensconced in our newly leased Mercedes GL 450 Uber Mini-Van. It’s the new “must have,” “look at me,” mommy mobile. Drive anything else, and you might as well be picking up your child in a donkey cart. So, I feel safe enough to careen through the residential neighborhoods of Montclair with my i-phone plastered to my ear without missing a beat scheduling my Life Coaching, Tennis, Pilates, and Massage. Life is Good. My deductible is only $1000, and those hedges will grow back eventually. And when will these people learn to drive? I mean, I glance up from texting and there’s, like, a car coming straight at me. I mean really!

  2. halfway decent effort there, deadeye, but your mad woman mommy sounds more like she lives in Livingston or Short Hills.
    If she lives a life like that in Montclair, she’s not yet 40, and hubby is growing a spare tire in his Wall Street cubicle, eating take-out at 8PM, and working weekends for a real SOB just to pay for her “lifestyle”.
    The older Montclairians are not nearly that wired. We like Subarus and Joni Mitchell more than tennis and texting. But hey, diversity is a beautiful thing.

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