First Night Planned Without Township Money

First Night celebrations will go on this year, without any money being spent by the town, Mayor Jerry Fried said at last night’s council meeting

“A group of volunteers pulled substantial funding so the town wouldn’t have to,” he said referring to it as how the town was able to have Independence day celebrations without spending any money.

With the help of some corporate sponsors, $20,000 has already been raised, but another $7,500 is needed in order for it to be totally free, the Mayor explained.  Some corporate sponsors are the Wellmont Theater, Mountainside Hospital, Pinnacle, DCH and many more.

Some ideas to raise the rest of the money will be to set up a group called “Friends of First Night” where people can donate $100 for the activities.

Although, the Mayor promised no town money would be spent, a resolution passed for the expenditure of $5,000 from the parks and recreation department to go towards first night. “A lot of money was promised, we need to put this money in for the holes in the mean time,” he said then “Township dollars will not be spent on this.”

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  1. ROC, you’re a little off.

    The link you posted is actually the pilot ad prepared by the advertising firm of Pedals, Hykes, and Wayfinder — recently hired by the Montclair town government — designed to demonstrate how Montclarians will cool off next summer following the closing of the three town pools.

    How did you get hold of this?

  2. It’s really wonderful to see that the citizens and businesses of Montclair care enough to pool resources for traditions like First Night and 4th of July fireworks! I bet they’d pool resources to protect the pools, croiag, if it came down to it. THANK. YOU Wellmont, Mountainside, Pinnacle, DHC! And it’s great the Township recognizes the spirit and is throwing a little something into the pool, too! Fewer people are splurging on vacations and gifts during this recession and rely on the simple hometown pleasures at this time more than ever.

  3. Hmmmmm ….

    Did people miss this? Each Council member gets something like $1K to use on expenses, i.e. travel, printing costs for fliers, etc.

    Several Councilors spent “their share.” Several Councilors suggested we use the “left over” money, that it amounted to about $5,000.

    I’ve never used any of the money. I pay for those things out of my own pocket. Seems the “right thing” to do.

    I assumed the unused money would have gone back into the “general fund,” if I didn’t use it.

  4. “Actually, all sorts of good things happen when the town doesn’t get in the way.”— I agree wholeheartedly. This is why you shouldn’t be afraid of making cuts to the budget. We’ll survive. If we need to organize to get things done, we will.

  5. Agree with Cary wholey. Less government the bettter. It was also key to learn from him that the monies are leftover, unspent travel stipends. That should be front page news!

  6. The council has wasted $5000. But let’s not forget Cary wants to spend a million on a street beautification project.

  7. First Night started out as a totally independent 501(c)(3) organization, these new organizers should think about doing that again. It became ruined when the Township took it over. Keep the ‘ARTS COUNCIL’ it has done more for Montclair than ‘First Night’ ever has or will. Now why is that? Also, think about the ‘Public Library’ that! my friends is much more important than ‘First Night’

  8. Hmmmm… Cary, I didn’t miss the Tuesday night unanimous transfer of $30,000+ in unspent municipal funds – the second in as many months. I’m trying to remember when the 2010 budget was passed. Oh, right, 2 months ago. Maybe we should have just banked the unspent funds.

    Stop trying to make silly points at the expense of any shred of a relationship with the F3. You’re ALL starting to look like “taking the high road”is beyond your individual comprehension. The residents might have to place the Council under the supervision of the BOE.

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