Gift Guide 2010: How ‘Bout a Tat?

Here’s a holiday present that’ll keep on giving.

A gift certificate to Jinx Proof tattoo studio in Montclair is a unique idea for the ink-loving person in your life. According to employee Eric Schiwe (on the receiving-end of the tattoo process pictured here with veteran artist J. Nice), the store’s minimum tattoo costs $60, but a gift certificate between $100 – $200 would get someone a significant design.

Jinx Proof also does body piercings.

7 Midland Avenue (between Park Street and Valley Road)

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  1. (I need to get my tramp-stamp redone….)

    As someone happily above the “tattoo is cool” age, and firmly in the “tattoos are for sailors and easy women” demographic, I still wonder what all these folks will think in 10 years……

    (Though, a small, discreet tat can be a happy middle ground.)

    This about sums it up:

  2. Prof , that was great …so true. Just go to the beach and look at the over 40 hitting 50 crowd with that sagging splash pad.

  3. Hey yalls! Been thinking abt my personal brand. Wondering if I should get a “tat” to show the ppl of the earth who “I” am (via Chinese letters). Scared that I might get the “wrong” tatty and ruin my effing body (via bugs bunny). Wondering what will be “big” in 2K11. Not sure if I want my tattoo to be 100% “sexie” or if it should be more conceptual and do more to differentiate me from “the crowd”. Damn. Just want to express myself. Kinda feel that cool dads in the mtc with tats might “ruin” the experience. So many mainstreamers. Feeling weird. Maybe cool dads don’t “get it”.

    H8 u lamestreamers.

    Does n e 1 have any good suggestions 4 an authentic tattoo?
    Should I smoke dank b4 my tatty 2 relieve the pain?
    Are tattys “stupid”?
    Can my body be “art”?

  4. I got my first tattoo when I was 25. Went back to Indiana to visit the family and the first thing my dad said, after seeing the tattoo was, “I went through a world war, was a truck driver and as a short order cook and never felt the need to get a tattoo. You live in New York for three years and everything goes to hell.”

  5. @hrobrah: Be careful with the Chinese characters. I read somewhere that, paragon of sophistication, Brittney Spears wanted to be tattooed with a character signifying “earth,” but which was more accurately translated into “dirt.” Oops.

  6. People have asked me what I think about tattoos. That’s like asking me what I think about people: There are good ones and bad ones. Crappy, “jailhouse-looking” tats? No. Artfully drawn and executed tats? Yes. It depends on the person, too. If you have a corporate job, you might not want a huge tattoo in a conspicuous place. Also, you might want to avoid girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s names…we all know what can happen with those.

    I have a tiny surgical scar on my back shoulder that I don’t like. I am thinking about getting a tat of a chocolate Lab head to cover it.

  7. Reminds me of a short lived sitcom on TV. One of the male characters gets a tattoo of Chinese symbols and thinks it means strength or some other macho trait. They ask the owner of a Chinese restaurant what it means an he replies ” When two men love each other, you are the woman.”

  8. When I looked at an elderly person in the nursing home and asked him about his tattoo, he smiled. His face showed nastalgia, and I knew that a suffering dementia patient had a lucid moment. Its not about what it will look like in 10 years, its the memory you have of it. Sure there are tattoos out there that people regret. There are also people out there that are permanent fixtures in your life that you regret. Scars are more permanent than tattoos

  9. I am tattooed, tattooing is also how I feed my family. I find most of the comments made on this article to be not only short sighted but down right ignorant. Tattoos have been a part of human history recorded as far back as 10,000 years, and a healthy (if you go to the right place) means of self expression. I don’t think it has anything to do with age, in fact I tattooed a cancer awareness ribbon on a 90 year old woman a few months ago, for her sister who was battling breast cancer. I have tattooed doctors, lawyers, police officers, teachers, etc. Do some people make bad and spur of the moment decisions with some of the things they get tattooed on them? Sure! all the time, but isn’t that their business? How would the lot of you like if someone pointed out every mistake you made. Or, how about if the guy with that “ridiculous” tattoo on his neck turns out to be the man that pulls your kids out of a burning building? I have had people cross the to the side of the street to avoid me, and have had parents yank their children away from me in the super market, simply because I don’t look like what they think a person in conventional society is supposed to. Yet I am a kind, educated, and courteous person. I’ve helped an old lady who spilt her groceries at the supermarket, while I watched plenty of people that look like you walk by without a care. You judge people with tattoos and think of us as ne’er-do-wells, but the “model” citizens are molesting the captain of the team in the school locker room. I have never got a tattoo with the mindset of being rebellious or to be an agitator, quite the contrary I do it as a celebration of my place in the world. Hey! some of us get tattooed and some of us complain like cantankerous old farts on the internet 🙂 The only difference between those who are tattooed and those who aren’t is that, tattooed people don’t care whether or not you are tattooed. Listen, we are all entitled to our opinions, but just remember the old adage about ten fingers pointing back at you.

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