Good Will Towards Men

I’m a sucker for a feel good story. It’s why I cry every time George Bailey’s family and friends show up at his home with money to help him and the Building and Loan.

That’s why this story, sent to us by a reader, tugs at my heart strings:

A friend came from NYC to visit us in Glen Ridge the other day.  We took him to a restaurant, but as we settled into the booth, he realized that he had misplaced a leather binder containing important work related info and $5000 in cash. We went back to our house to look for it and finally realized that he must have left it on the roof of his car as we prepared to leave for lunch. We spent the next 2 hours scouring the neighborhood between our house and the restaurant but the binder had disappeared without a trace. Our friend reported the loss to the Glen Ridge PD and trudged home, thoroughly despondent. 

About 10 pm that night, our doorbell rang. There stood our friend with an ear to ear grin and his binder. A student from Glen Ridge HS had found the binder on his way home from school. His mother tracked down our friend from a phone number scrawled on one of the notebook pages and returned the binder and the cash!

Just when you begin to think that integrity, conscience and common courtesy are dead concepts in America, something wondrous happens to restore your faith.  I don’t know who the people are who returned our friend’s property but if anyone ever figures out their identity, please thank them profusely!

If you’re the parents of the teenager who found $5,000 in cash and returned it, pat yourselves one the back, because you have raised a stand-up guy.

Baristaville has more stand-up people than you know.

A couple of Christmases ago, we took our girls to the Family Y for its Swim with Santa event. It was a snowy and cold night and we ran back into the car to get home. My husband was going to go out and do some last minute shopping and had a few hundred dollars in his wallet, which he realized he couldn’t find when we arrived home. He went back to the Y to see if he left it in a locker and I stayed home upset that we lost that money and his credit card right before Christmas.

Then our doorbell rang.

Standing at my door was a man who worked on the snow plow which had cleaned the Family Y’s parking lot. My husband’s wallet fell out while we were getting in the car and this man found it. He didn’t speak much English, just smiled and handed it to me. I started to cry and offered him a reward, which he refused to take. He just said Merry Christmas and left.

That has become one of my favorite Christmas memories.

(Excerpt photo: “It’s a Wonderful Life” YouTube)

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  1. Before I handed the money back I’d ask him why he carries around 5K in cash.

    Yes, there are a lot of nice, well intentioned honest people out there and many of them are public officials and town workers regardless of how much people come on here anonymously and bash them day in and day out.

    Anyway , I assume he wasn’t laundering it so I’m glad it worked out for him.

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