Hartshorn Elementary School Helps Haiti

Hartshorn Elementary School students recently held a “Help Hartshorn Help Haiti” drive to collect much-needed medical supplies for the people of Haiti. The student council made posters for the drive and helped sort the donations of vitamins and over-the-counter medicines, which Natalie Orsini will take with her on her second trip to Haiti, which she makes this month.

Natalie Orsini, a Chatham teacher, and daughter of 5th grade Hartshorn teacher Michele Orsini, was part of a volunteer mission in Haiti this past July. She worked with Haitians in tent cities, orphanages, and medical facilities.  

After last January’s earthquake, Hartshorn families and donors raised $30,000 which was donated to Doctors without Borders.

(First photo: Student Council members with some of the donations:
Front row: Maddy Freeman, Evan Bitan, Eric von Bevern, Megan Pan
Back row: Megan Balbo, Zoe Grebin, Will Raincsuk, Kyle Mazer)

(Second photo: Natalie Orsini, Haiti in July)

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