Laid Off Jersey Cops Might Say So Long, Y’all

While the job stability for many NJ cops has been rocky these past few months — Newark recently handed out pink slips to 167 officers — some southern U.S. cities are in hot pursuit of hiring our own home-grown uniformed police for their own expanding departments.

According to, Nashville, Baltimore, Atlanta and Norfolk, Va. are among the cities actively recruiting in the Garden State after seeing media coverage on the police cuts here. Nashville’s police department plans to expand their roster by at least 100 officers within the year, and NJ’s finest are seen as highly desirable.

The feeling seems to be mutual. The Nashville recruiter returned to his department with a list of 50 police interested in making the move. While the pay is lower in these locales, cost of living is too. Nashville’s recruiter noted that there is no income tax or toll roads.

But not all laid-off NJ cops will have to go southern to stay employed, though — one Newark officer has been hired by neighboring Bloomfield. After all, as one proud Bloomfield resident once said, “in Jersey, we stay where we’re from.”

Read the whole story here.

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  1. I think we’ll see lots of “flight” in many professions from poorly managed big government states to better managed small government states. There is a lesson in this.

  2. What’s the lesson, Roc? You’ve previously objected to the high taxes generated by the strong collective bargaining powers of the unions, and a swollen public service sector. Now when municipalities cut their payrolls to keep taxes lower, the exodus of laid off police is attributable to big government?

    Did you think those police were needed or not?

  3. I think that the police department should be the LAST place to cut. Judging from all the horrible stories I’ve been reading on the police blotter lately (and not just in NJ), I’d say we need MORE cops, not less of them. There are other places where we can cut.

  4. Btw- only kidding before people get their knickers in a bunch. Its Friday, I don’t feel like beating up on you libs again, its not even fun anymore, way to easy. Enjoy the weekend all.

  5. Kit the annual interest alone (2.1 M) on montclair’s unneeded new school would fund 20 policemen. How many billions did the state sound on the Xanadu rail link. how about the green acres slush fund? (were up to 20 billion I believe). Can we live without the Essex county environmental center? We have a government owned Iris garden and we’ll soon be laying off policemen. Government failing at it’s primary tasks while wasting tax dollars in myriad areas it should not be involved.


    Just as the collapse of American manufacturing decimated the rust belt, the un-sustainability of “activist government” will decimate the socialism-belt states.

  6. @herb, if it was so easy, you would have gotten bored ages ago and quit. But you didn’t. Enjoy your weekend !

  7. PS herb, was that you in front of me at the drive-up window over at TDBank on Pompton Ave this AM?
    It had one of those “I don’t trust the liberal media” stickers on the rear bumper, plus at least two American flag stickers.

  8. Then Roc, why does Germany retain manufacturing? They subsidize schools, health care, environment, etc., and pay higher taxes than we do.

  9. Of course, we could sell off the iris garden (staffed by volunteers) and hope someone puts up a strip mall there to generate ratables. And the Essex County Environmental center would make a great place for luxury condos.
    After all, governemnt has no business preserving open space on the taxpayers’ dime in the Garden State.

  10. Did Germany supplant Norway as the North American Progressive’s form of utopia? Did I miss the memo? For whatever reason Kit, we’re not Germany (or Norway). We can increase taxes further and increase statist expense more and hope for some kind of Teutonic resemblance. Or we can cut the size of government in New Jersey and favor the employment of police officers over Maple Sugaring Instructors at the Essex County Environmental Center the choice is, as they say, up to us.

  11. Hey ROC, go look up how much in Federal funding these states get back per dollar sent to Washington, then let me know which states are in the “socialist-belt” states. Its why the governors of a lot of these states, Virginia in particular, are raging hypocrites. They treat the federal government as the enemy, all the while raking in Federal money with both hands.

    You might want to also take a look at Chairman Sarah’s state, just for fun as well.

  12. Took the Amtrak along the NE corridor to DC yesterday.
    Going past Trenton I looked at all the boarded up, broken down, abandoned factory buildings.
    The bridge says “Trenton makes, the world takes.”
    It should be changed to Trenton takes, the world makes.”
    if the security forces flee NJ, what’s next? We all start packing heat?

  13. Its Friday, I don’t feel like beating up on you libs again, its not even fun anymore, way to easy.

    Oh herb. Based on your comments about global warming the other day, you’d have trouble in a debate with my couch. Now, in your defense, it is a very sharp couch. But still.

  14. I am glad that these officers have some opportunities, even if it does require them to move. Unfortunately for us, we spent quite a bit of money to train them already. Since many of them have less than a year on the job it makes me wonder why they were hired in the first place?

    @ Mike…Thought you might enjoy this article I saw the other day. (Well, I’m not sure enjoy might be the right term.) I sure would like to ask what Menendez and Lautenberg are doing about this.

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