New Year’s Parenting Resolutions

BY  |  Wednesday, Dec 29, 2010 1:30pm

Most of us make resolutions to eat better, exercise more, or some other health related thing, but as parents, the new year is also a great time to reflect on our jobs as moms and dads and see how we can improve.

For some parents it may be to spend more quality time with their children. Others may need a little help in the patience department. My parenting resolution is to play and let myself be silly with my girls more often.

Here are what some other Barista parents want to improve, or do, in 2011:

“Take Spanish lessons with them.” ~ Kristen Kemp

“To say yes more often than no.” ~ Joy Yagid

“To just sit with my kids more. Do puzzles, play board games, play trains, Barbies, read…whatever, but just sit with them.” ~ Holly Korus-Jenkins

“More patience in the mornings!” ~ Alma Schneider

“To take advantage of the fact that my 10 and 7-year-olds are not yet embarrassed to be seen with me.” ~ Carolyn Maynard-Parisi

“To work on having more patience.” ~ Stacey Gill

“Communicate better. Make sure I listen to them so hopefully they’ll listen to me. Raise the bar, on everything!” ~ Annette Batson

Are you making  parenting resolutions? What are they?

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