Ask Holly: Recycled Holiday Card Crafts

So, we got two feet of snow here in Baristaville and I have 3 foot drifts in my driveway. My kids lasted about ten minutes out in the snow before they couldn’t fight the waist high drifts any longer. So, here at Ask Holly HQ I threw this post together as fast as I could (excuse the quality) on a kids craft with supplies that hopefully you already have in your house. Most likely, it will come in handy tomorrow.

Hate throwing away all of those beautiful holidays cards every year? Well don’t…reuse them for Holiday Card Crafts! My grandmother would make all kinds of fun things from holiday cards with my mother and aunt as kids and I continue the tradition with my own children. If you have cards, glitter, glue (or glitter-glue), a hole punch and some kind of thread, string, ribbon or yarn you’re all set.

Lay out your cards for the kids to look at them and choose their favorites.

Trace circles from jar lids and cut out, or just cut around the design as I did with the flowers.

Cut, punch holes, glue rim and glitter. Weave a ribbon, string, yarn or whatever you can dig up and hang them up.

FOR A LONG HORIZONTAL CARD -Cut 3/4″ strips, punch holes in both the top and the bottom of each strip. Then insert a brass brad (I found a few in my junk drawer) through the top holes and then the bottom, make a “C” shape and open to form a sphere.

THREE SIDED ORNAMENT -cut 3 circles from cards all the same size, fold them in half vertically. Then glue them back to back and glue some ribbon in the center to hang. Hold together with paper clips while the glue dries then glue and glitter the edges.

Need more ideas to keep the kids occupied? Do you have cider, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice? Make some mulled cider. Do you have plain paper or blank cards and tempera paint? Make some bubble wrap or cards. Have pipe cleaners and beads? Make some fun pipe cleaner crafts.

Questions? Just Ask Holly in comments!

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