Southern Belle Serves Up Comfort

The Southern Belle took over the space vacated by Montclair’s Table 8 and the two restaurants couldn’t be more different. Table 8 was a place I would go with the grown-ups – a special dinner with the man, or another couple. The Southern Belle with its wallet-friendly kids menu ($5 for a generous meal — the BBQ pork sliders, pictured, mashed potatoes and drink my daughter could barely finish, were happily scarfed down by mom and dad) and cheery, low-key decor (wicker chairs, hanging flower baskets) doesn’t put on any fancy airs. What it does put out is plate after plate of welcome comfort food. Think fall-off-the-bone-tender baby back ribs or crispy fried chicken, either solo or if you want to gild the lily, over a freshly turned out waffle (syrup on the side). We tried and loved both dishes, as well as the fried green tomato starter served with nicely spiced Cajun remoulade sauce. Mac and cheese, collard greens, hush puppies, seafood gumbo are also on the menu, as well as a herb roasted 1/2 chicken — if you want your comfort sans extra calories.

If you like your chocolate rich, try the heirloom cake for dessert or you could always have a waffle with ice cream, apple crisp or chocolate pecan pie. Unless it’s your favorite kind of comfort food, the one side I’d skip is the green bean casserole with crunchy onions (maybe it’s the Mediterranean in me, but I’ve never quite understood the appeal of this dish). Bring the family (some of the other Baristas have been back now for seconds and thirds) or go with friends and enjoy the cozy hospitality of the South, without the road trip.

The Southern Belle

615 Bloomfield Ave.
(973) 746-2233

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  1. This place is amazing. Its the one place worth the calorie splurge. The bbq sauce is the perfect balance of sweet, smoke and spice. The chili is also great. The pulled pork is the best I have had…and the corn bread…and the chocolate cake…

    **I have no affiliation with the restaurant other than being a repeat customer.**

  2. They make potato salad exactly like my Mississippi Grandmother–delicious! The cornbread was a disappointment though-it had sugar in it.

  3. I was very excited when I read about it. I ordered take out which was overpriced. I figured, its expensive so it will be delicious. WRONG!!!!
    The chicken was not cooked enough so I had t bake it for another 30 minutes. It had no taste at all.
    Mac and cheese tasted like they used cheese whiz for the mac and cheese. It was awful. My daughter had the corn chowder and really liked it. She said the BBQ chicken wings were EHHHH. That means not so special.
    I wold never go back and I would highly NOT recommend this restaurant.

  4. Like anybody’s gonna care about what ‘minagia’ says that contradicts the world-renowned arbiter of good vittles, Liz George!

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