The Big News about 3Sixty

All fitness studios are not created equal. That’s what the new 3Sixty co-owner Mark Cohen (at left) believes. Along with co-owners, makeup artist Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker, a posh new fitness studio officially opened last night (12/1), with hip hop and spinning classes. New York Sports Club and the Montclair YMCA can’t compete with 3Sixty’s architectural detail and airy design that’s flooded with natural light. 3Sixty aims to be state-of-the-art and, most obviously, upscale. (Think New York City’s Equinox in Montclair.) 3Sixty doesn’t charge initiation and monthly fees. Instead, clients pay per class. 3Sixty’s offerings start at $18 per hour and rates decrease with multiple class purchases. That’s where other gyms have the edge–they can be up to a third cheaper, and they offer baby-sitting services which 3Sixty currently does not.

“We’ve never tried to be a gym,” Cohen said. “We’re all about the very best service. We offer online reservations and tremendous teachers and classes. We’ve always been about the joyful experience of a class. Our clients don’t mind exercising when it’s fun.”

3Sixty doesn’t have treadmills and other standard gym equipment. The focus is on group instruction and personal training. Hiring the best instructors was Cohen’s first order of business for his 4,000 square foot studio space. He went through a grueling interview process and said, “I kissed a lot of frogs to find the princes.” Ever since popular hip hop and fitness instructor Angel Williams announced that she was leaving New York Sports to go to 3Sixty, the local workout crowd hasn’t stopped buzzing. It’s been difficult to walk down Church or Park streets without overhearing conversations about 3Sixty and their classes. A favorite topic has been about the instructors–3Sixty’s teachers include Williams, of course, and other in-demand teachers such as Danielle Diamond for yoga and Niria Leyva-Gutierrez for Zumba.

Starting Wednesday, 3Sixty’s full schedule will include 42 classes per week. Spinning still reigns supreme with 24 to choose from. Others include Vinyassa Flow Yoga, Hip Hop Funk, Fit Camp, Xen Strength (power yoga), Forza (fencing) and Barre 50 (a mix of ballet, yoga and pilates).

Inside 3Sixty is a reception area where clients who reserved their spaces online can check in — they just have to create a free account first. To the right is the cycling room and to the left are spacious fitness and personal training rooms. 3Sixty offers two private showers and two bathrooms. In the snack case, clients can choose FRS and Zico drinks along with JayBars.

The old 3Sixty Cycling space on Glenridge Avenue will retire from spinning and will be used for party rentals exclusively. 3Sixty Cylcing opened in September 2008, and Cohen said it grew every month since then. He hopes for the same trajectory for the new 3Sixty. The owners will celebrate with a proper grand opening later this month.

4 Lackawanna Avenue
(973) 746-3663

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  1. too bad Kristen doesn’t give the address of the business. people might go and check it out.

    Also Mr. Cohen was the acerbic and very funny MC Times cartoonist who recently resigned, right? Often critical of the Montclair Power Couple, now he’s in business with them? That alone is an interesting angle completely ignored.

  2. Me Cohen has been in business with Bobbi Brown since 360 opened in 2008. Cartoonists are not necessarily enemies with the individuals they satire, so no angle to really explore.

  3. “… the Montclair YMCA can’t compete with 3Sixty’s architectural detail and airy design…”

    Not sure the Montclair YMCA WANTS to “compete”. But still, I’m sure 3Sixty can’t compete with the Y’s sense of community and it’s offerings to ALL members of Montclair. (Will Ms. Brown offer “Aftercare” for girls to learn how to put on makeup?)

    No biggie, I don’t even know where 3Sixty is, so it’s either THAT cool, or THAT irrelevant….

  4. (Oh and Roc, don’t be too hard on her for failing to follow even the most basic of journalistic inquiry.)
    A portion of this comment was removed by Baristanet.

  5. Never a lack of ways for fools to part with their money in this town.

    $20 a month for a gym with multiple locations, trainers, and equipment proven over the last 5 decades to actually help people lose weight and get in shape or $18 per visit for gimmicky classes that only benefit people already in shape?

    Not to mention that these classes aren’t as effective for the time to results ratio of a simple 20 minutes of weights, 40 minutes of cardio routine.

  6. Different strokes for different folks, Generic. We can’t all be like you (thank the Good Lord above!)

  7. Certainly a most glowing review. Almost reads like an ad, except for the lack of address, phone number, etc. If this is about an advertiser on the site (and I don’t know that it is), I hope that would be disclosed.

  8. To hell with the address— WE CAN FIGURE IT OUT BY THE PICTURE….

    Hmmmmm…… Cars are parked directly outside…. I can see a building across the street…..

  9. “3Sixty
    131 Glenridge Avenue
    (973) 746-3663”

    Isn’t that the OLD and CLOSING location? Steeeerike Twoooooo!

  10. Oh, I hadn’t noticed.

    I referenced a story Kristen Kemp wrote on B-kids titled: “parenting with a hangover. (

    I guess they’re allowed to admit to “… knowingly take care of my kids when I have a hangover?” But we can’t COMMENT on the admission.

    It gets better, Ms. Kemp added, “[i]t’s going to happen this Saturday. My husband’s annual Christmas party is Friday night. With holiday festivities in full swing, I can’t be the only parent who will suffer from parenting after partying.”

    Oh, well. It was a DUMB story (the parenting/hangover one) anyway, so who really cares?

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