The Boxing Day Blizzard in Baristaville: Photos


Here’s how it looked, from inside and outside, to photographers throughout Baristaville. Photos by Thom Kennon, Michael Reitman, Scott Sorrentino, John Lee, Jill Ann Siegel, Fran Liscio, S. J. Streeter, Ron Travisano, Debbie Galant, Traci Churchill, Liz Garcia and Kyle Martinowich.

And this is pretty cool too. (From Belmar, NJ)

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  1. “Boxing Day”?

    Boxing Day is a Canadian holiday. Considering I can’t find a Canadian beer in a local bar (and hard pressed to find one in a local liquor store) and don’t accept Canadian currency in our area we shouldn’t be using their Holidays as headlines. Extracting fragments of other cultures to enhance our linguistic stage for headlines should be reconsidered in the future.

    Boxing Day is also celebrated by other countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, but the US is not one of them. Its intended as a day of “goodwill” and giving to those in need.

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