The Great Snow Plow Map

How’s the snow plowing on your street? Use this map to let us know if your street was plowed, when and what kind of job they did.

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  1. Our street in South Orange seems pretty clear – but just spoke to Public Works guy to see when we can expect to get our snowed-in car back (stranded at SO Middle School because I couldn’t make it back up our hill yesterday). He said they still have lots of plowing to get to.

    Heading out for pizza at Bunny’s in a few – we’re walking, so will report back on how the Village is faring.

  2. Morningside Avenue, Beverley Road (our part of it anyway) and Fairmount. Not plowed yet. I’d like to think that our taxes are lower than some of the other streets in Montclair that have been plowed for hours. This town ain’t what it used to be!!

  3. Baristanet, any updates on plowing for your readers? For example, does the town have a pre-determined plowing route? Is there anything at all you could tell us about when various streets, neighborhoods, or sections of town will be plowed? On Gordonhurst, we have yet to see a single plow at any point during the storm.

  4. Does the town have any working system for receiving messages about unplowed streets, or letting people know when plowing will take place? After hours, at any rate, there doesn’t seem to be any way to let anyone in the town know — except to report on the interactive map here.

  5. We hit a deer yesterday on Orange Road, just south of South End Hardware in Montclair. We had gone out for pre-blizzard gas & bird seed and coasted at 25 MPH into a mini herd of three, hitting a doe. She was knocked over, flew about 10 feet, then got up and ran away limping on all fours. I have been haunted by it ever since, sending her telepathic blankets and apples. Put a damper on my holiday.

  6. Indeed – I mean, I understand that there may be a good reason why one street gets plowed before another. I just wish we, as residents, could get timely information from the town about what the status is (even if we don’t like the status). It’s the lack of information, when we are living in the age of information, that drives me crazy.

  7. Any news around Glenside Terrace past the Fairway??…it’s a dead end street I think we may be stuck here forever!!!

  8. andrewz23, I lived on Gordonhurst in the early 1990s and it never got plowed. Sadly, I don’t think that information is what you wanted to hear.

    The street wasn’t completely ignored though. We got plenty of parking tickets there and on Bruce Road. I guess the police car had really good snow tires.

    Someone else said “this town aint what it used to be”. When? 1952?

  9. BUCK UP PEOPLE!!!! Montclair taxes go to schools with (almost) no kids. Not for plowing.

    Silly you.

    Seriously though, I will echo those who want INFORMATION from the Town. It’s as if WE are in 2010 and THEY are in 1810. I almost expect a Town Crier to appear screaming: “HEAR YE! HEAR YE! ALL SIDE STREETS WILL NOT BE PLOWED!!”

    But even that would require organization- something Montclair is incapable of.

    And maybe it’s me, but the Montclair website is down. What a bunch of clowns!

    **** I have not officially lowered my expectation of what this town does with my tax dollars. OLD: basic services and a decent school system in an integrated community will cost you. NEW: These fools can’t run a lemonade stand.

  10. I grew up in a town of ~40,000 people in Maine. A storm of 24+ inches of snow, even in Maine, would have meant at least a week of packed-snow conditions on all but the primary arteries in the city. Where I lived in Brooklyn until last year, a storm of this magnitude would mean a snarl of snowed-in cars and general vehicular chaos for three days, minimum. Looking out my window this morning (my house is on one of Montclair’s minor side-streets), I see a clear-asphalt roadway.

    I guess context is everything, because from where I’m sitting, Montclair’s response to the snowstorm seems pretty good. And no, I have nothing to do with, nor any family or friends in, local government.

  11. Peter Simon knows of what he speaks… the difference is that real New Englanders have learned how to drive on packed snow (and on unplowed roads, too). Getting a country road in Maine or New Hampster down to bare pavement can be dangerous; when the snowbanks on the side of the road seep water and the temperature heads south of the Ross Ice Shelf, black ice abounds. That’s how I discovered my first ditch in NH. 🙂

  12. I would like to make respective suggestion to Mr./Ms. Snowplow operator: Plow the intersections wide enough so that cars can get by in both directions. While it is quite amusing to watch the drivers of two different cars refusing to give ground to the other so that traffic can move, being stuck in said traffic due to this idiocy is a pain in the a@@.

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