Video Games Live: Bonus Round at NJPAC, 12/29-30

Read to the end for a ticket giveaway for tomorrow’s show.

Imagine, if you will, the convergence of live, interactive video games, a full symphony orchestra, and a hi-tech electronic light and stage show.

Hard to picture? No need to wonder — head to NJPAC this Wednesday and Thursday (12/29 -30) at 7:30 p.m. and see the Video Games Live: Bonus Round show for yourself.

This immersive concert event features some of the very best video game music (from games including Mario™, Chrono Cross™ and Chrono Trigger™, Final Fantasy VII®, Bioshock, Mass Effect™, Zelda™ and Mega Man), performed by the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra and accompanied by video game imagery, dazzling lighting effects, live action and audience interactivity.

“This is a concert for everyone, not just for hardcore gamers,” says Video Games Live founder Tommy Tallarico, who has been composing music for video games for almost two decades. “It’s not just a game music symphony—it’s music completely synchronized to cutting-edge visual effects and rock-and-roll lighting. You can know nothing about video games and still be blown away.”

Ticketholders are invited to arrive early to play their favorite games in the Prudential Hall lobby.

Baristanet has a set of four tickets to give away for tomorrow’s show, 12/29, 7:30 p.m. The tickets will all go to one winner, so that he/she can invite family and friends. The prize will go to the first person to answer the question below as a comment. Please don’t enter if you can’t go.

QUESTION: Who is the current Conductor Laureate for the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra?

Watch this preview below:

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