Winter Wonderland

I know where Santa lives, and it’s not at the North Pole. He lives just outside Baristaville in Little Falls. Or maybe the house on William Street in Little Falls is his vacation home. I’m not sure. But I saw him…there…at the house.

At least, I believe the house in Little Falls is what Santa’s home would look like if he lived in North Jersey. It’s certainly brimming with Christmas spirit. In fact, it’s brimming with just about every holiday decoration you can imagine. It’s got way more than nine reindeer, a whole host of snowmen, several nativities, a miniature village, a couple of motorized trains, plenty of angles, and some winterized teddy bears thrown in for good measure. It might even have a partridge in a pear tree. I can’t be sure because Santa’s workshop is so packed full of Christmas cheer, it’s impossible to note every last little Santa or elf or partridge as it were.

The workshop (in this case a garage converted into a winter wonderland) is so decked with boughs of holly, lights, and ornaments –  from floor to ceiling and wall to wall – that it is like walking into a real-life I Spy book. It was a scene I thought would have taken every last elf all year to construct, but Santa was on hand to explain that he and Mrs. Clause do it themselves.

“It takes about three or four weeks,” Santa said. “I just put everything where Mrs. Clause wants it. It’s different every year.”

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Clause create new displays every year, and they have been for the past 39 years. I always knew Santa was special, but his spectacular display and generosity, holding nightly visits during his busiest season amazed me. My kids were awed, too. And happy with the candy canes Santa gave them.

So if you need a little Christmas right this very minute, you have one more day to catch Santa. I checked his schedule, which is posted on a calendar near the end of the driveway. He’s available for visits tonight from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Friday the calendar notes he will be at the North Pole and then off around the world.

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