Words Bookstore Gets Caffeinated

Now you can browse books and satisfy your java needs at Words Bookstore in Maplewood Village.   The store recently started serving coffee ($2) and cappuccino ($3).  “It’s the same coffee they serve at Lorena’s,” said owner Jonah Zimilies.  “I figured if it was good enough for them, it is for us, too.” 

Words is stocked with loads of great books and gifts for the holidays.  While you’re there, you can also drop off new, unwrapped toys for the South Orange/Maplewood Parenting Center Toy Drive.

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  1. I thought the same thing, Herb. One place which vends coffee is going down for the count soon, another is adding coffee to its wares. Huh?

    Sounds like somebody fell asleep at the editing switch. Or maybe the need to post a requisite number of items daily simply trumps all other considerations..

  2. I’d buy a coffee there everyday and bring three friends if Jonah would stock my book. Wait, I buy a coffee and bring five friends if Jonah would return my email or call. Even better, I’d buy a coffee and bring ten friends if Jonah would tell me to go to hell. I can get a solo show at one of the most prestigious galleries in the country, be discussed on WPLJ-FM, listed in the Times posted on the Baristanet webpage (21 comments) and this guy can’t even tell me to drop dead. I feel like Rodney Dangerfield.

    The book is Mind Prints and the website is: capturedinthemind.com

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