Wow, We Don’t Have to Go Through Irvington to Get to the Airport

This isn’t a big deal for our SOMA neighbors, but it’s quite welcome news for those of us who live north of the I-78/Garden State Parkway interchange. The NJDOT has announced that a brand new ramp connecting the Garden State southbound lanes with I-78 East opens today. That means no more trips through Irvington to get to the airport.

From the NJDOT:

The new flyover ramp for the first time allows GSP southbound motorists to directly access destinations to the east along New Jersey’s bustling I-78 corridor, such as Newark Liberty International Airport. Until now, motorists have been forced to exit onto I-78 westbound and use local exits as U-turns to double back onto I-78 eastbound – a maneuver that has resulted in significant delays and traffic congestion during busy travel times.

Completed on budget and almost nine months ahead of schedule, the new ramp is the second major milestone to be reached in the ongoing, $149 million project to improve traffic flow around the interchange of the two superhighways located in Hillside and Union Townships, Union County and Irvington Township, Essex County.

The NJDOT says 6,500 motorists will benefit from the new ramp daily. Frequent flyers, what will you do with that extra 10 minutes? And do you think the cab companies will give us a discount?

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  1. Hooray. At last. Will not miss Lyons Ave tafffic lights, especially that last left turn onto the 78 East ramp to the airport. Jingle jingle.

  2. ROC, here’s a juicy topic for you – a massive government project.
    Will you…
    1. Boycott this ramp on account of it being a wasteful big government expenditure?
    Or will you…..
    2. Chide the goverment for incompetence in not working this connector ramp into the early design of the GSP/I-78 interchange in the first place, when it would have cost the taxpayer far less?
    Or might you….
    3.Deride the ramp as another example of the nanny state, protecting those sheltered liberals in Baristaville from the scourge of Lyons Avenue on the way to EWR?
    Or perhaps you’ll….
    4. Mock the earth berms and trees as silly environmental features just like South Park?
    Or, just as an idea….
    5. will you quietly enjoy the ramp in your glorious anonymity?

  3. Spiro, my money is on #4. I believe one of ROC’s 2010 goals is to link all stories on Baristanet back to the South Park St. project.

  4. …and it was brought in on budget and ahead of time by a state with BIG GOVERNMENT. I say we award the ARC Tunnel contract to these guys!

  5. Although, I will miss stopping to pig out on White Castles on Lyons Avenue before boarding the non-food flights. And, what will I do when I fly in late at night and no longer have to go by the World Go-Go Lounge and stop for a couple of pops on the way home? This could hurth the local economy in Irvington.

  6. Finally I won’t be embarrassed when my out of town guest ask for directions to the INTERNATIONAL airport… “what do you mean there’s no exit off the main highway?” “Ya, well you see, take the second lyons ave exit and make two rights……….. yeeesh. is it really over? I’m gonna drive to the airport just to check it out!

  7. @Conan, you can still drop in at the World Go-go on your way home. The return ramp part of the $149MM still awaits.

  8. @ Spiro, what’s going on? This is like the second time this week that your post had me laughing my ass off/rolling on the floor- is there an easier way to say that? LMAO/ROTF…

    Anyway, keep up the good work!!

  9. Yes but taxi drivers heading West bound from EWR to the Montclair area always skip 78W and take Lyons avenue back to the GSP (not sure if it is to skip the tolls that they have to pay themselves, save time or a combo of both). I take Lyons myself when I’m driving back home from EWR, (at least during daylight hours) So frequent flyers, don’t say goodbye to Irvington just yet!

  10. But the 143B/Lyons Avenue route looks like it is fewer miles. Can the new flyover really save any time, or is it just simpler and less menacing?

    Let’s hear from from anyone with actual experiences who can help us compare and contrast, please.

  11. The cabs & Limos take 78W out of EWR to Lyons Ave to GSP to:
    1) Beat the toll
    2) They think it’s quicker. I disagree.
    3) The GSP entrance from 78W tends to get bogged down at rush hour.
    So there.
    Likewise for GSP So. to 143B

  12. Just dropped-off my father-in-law at the airport and it only took 20 minutes to get there from MC. I was quite happy not being stuck on Lyons with him (ex-FBI) profiling the area . . .

  13. Had to convince my driver this morning that 142A was open. Man, was he happy! He hated the Lyons Ave. shuffle, someone smashed his window while he was stopped at a light…..
    PAZ in EWR

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