Barista Kids Tell All: Part I

Inspired by a recent post on Babble, I decided to interview my first-born kids. I did this for two reasons. Namely, they work for lollipops. Second, they were the inspiration for this blog when it started in August, 2008. (And to be honest, after this many years, I’m always up for a new story idea.) So here you go: My daughters’ unedited thoughts on life, love and things that sparkle.

How old are you?
Annabelle: 5
Estelle: 5

Do you know what an interview is?
E: Is it for Barista Kids?
A: It’s when you sit down to eat dinner.

What is Barista Kids?
E: Barista Kids? We don’t know.
A: I think Barista Kids is … hmmm … when you love someone.

What do you think mommy does when she’s on her computer?
A: She writes some letters.
E: Did you just write letters?

What do you like most about our house in Montclair?
A: My favorite thing in New Jersey is our old house.
E: I like your new sparkly wallet with flowers on it.

What makes you happy?
E: Going to school.
A: It makes me happy when I have my birthday party.

What makes you sad?
A: When I wear tights with socks.
E: Taking my Band-Aid off.

What do you really want to do right now?
A: What I really want to do right now is eat dinner.
E: Eat dinner.

What do you want to do on the 4th of July?
E: I like getting candy at the parade.
A: I want to be in the Barista Kids parade.

I am proud of them. Estelle has good taste in wallets. Even better, my twins didn’t report anything that would embarrass or incriminate me. They aced their first interview.

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