Christmas Tree Collection (those buried in snow won’t be picked up in Montclair)

And so begins the season of forlorn Christmas trees discarded on the side of the road.

Montclair Township says they’ll pick up curbside trees on a weekly basis during the month of January, while wreaths will be collected separately with refuse. According to today’s news release, prior to placing a tree at the curb all decorations, lights, metal tinsel, ornament wires and nails must be removed from the tree. The Township requests that the trees not be placed at the curb if snow is falling. If a tree becomes buried in snow it is the responsibility of the resident to dig out the tree. Trees buried in snow will not be collected. For more information, contact the Department of Community Services at 973-509-5711.

Glen Ridge is collecting discarded Christmas trees in-house, and will pick up curbside every day starting today.

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  1. So, before December 25 we have a major league PC-ing contest about calling them Holiday trees? And afterwards, as they are being discarded, they are now Christmas trees?

  2. I understand that they’d want us to remove the decorations, and maybe the stand, but now I need to remove all of the nails from my tree before putting it out? What next?

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