Cooking With Friends Souper Bowl

UPDATE: The HNFP has asked that the drop-off date be moved up to February 1 from 9 am – 12 pm.

Alison Bermack, founder of Cooking With Friends and Barista Kids Farmer’s Market Mama, is organizing CWF’s annual local Souper Bowl and she needs your family’s help:

It’s soup making time! Please join us in cooking for the local Human Needs Food Pantry in Montclair NJ. If you’re new to the group or aren’t sure what this fantastic event is, here it is in a nutshell:

Cooking With Friends has established a relationship with the Human Needs Food Pantry where they will accept homemade food from the CWF community. Every year, after the holidays (when most people aren’t thinking of giving to others) CWF members donate homemade soup for clients of the food pantry so that they will have something delicious to eat while watching the NFL Super Bowl. In year’s past, we’ve collected as much as 240 quarts!

This will be our fourth (or maybe fifth!) year in a row making homemade soup for those in need living right within our community.

Here’s how it will work:

1. Get together with a friend (or small group). You can even involve your kid’s Brownie or Girl Scout Troop (like CWF member Beth did last year and is doing again this year) or recruit a group of people from your church, temple or kid’s school. You could also join or Yahoo group for ideas.

2. Cook and freeze as much soup as you’d like and any kind you’d like (including chili).

3. Drop it off at the Food Pantry on Label Street in Montclair the Thursday Tuesday before (that’s February 3rd 1st) the football Super Bowl February 6th. Or, if space is an issue, I can help find a freezer for you.

It’s that easy!

And, if you ask others members who have participated before, I am sure they will tell you that cooking with a friend (or your family) with the intention of giving to others is incredibly rewarding.

Please e-mail me if you are interested in participating or with any questions.

(Photo: Flickr/Rachel Tayse)
(Excerpt photo: Flickr/ lisaclarke)

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