Hello Reality!

And so, we’ve come through another holiday season — hopefully intact and ready to face January with a good attitude. Or — not to be a Pollyanna about it — maybe just facing the reality of today with whatever attitude gets you through is good enough.

The snow that wreaked havoc and added an edge of romance to last week’s mid-holiday revelry and travel continues to melt away, providing a metaphor for 2010 gone by. The past year hasn’t quite vanished, but each day it receeds a little further into the “has been,” making way for the “will be.”

Of course, if you’re more inclined to live in the present, it’s a sunny, clear, above-freezing day in Baristaville — good for embracing the moment of starting 2011 afresh.

How does it feel to wake up to this particular Monday morning? Can you get through it without a nap and cookies? Have you moved on from all that holiday indulgence? Are you thrilled to put it all behind you and get back to real life or are have you already had enough of this back-to-reality stuff?

This is your open thread…

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  1. “How does it feel to wake up to this particular Monday morning?”

    It beats the hell out of the alternative.

  2. Reality feels good. I’m happy to have a clean, quiet house back (yay, school!), and to get back to business, so to speak.

    It was fun while it lasted, though…

  3. I’m with cmaynard. The holidays crept up on me, and everything seemed to come down to the last minute, so I felt pretty exhausted by New Year’s weekend. With a staunch resolution to do better this year, I welcome the return to normalcy.

  4. I’m resisting dismantling my very dry Christmas tree till Little Christmas. It takes me a few days to again get used to the barren look after the holiday decorations are stored away. So I will enjoy this last week, with a book and a nice glass of red this evening and contemplate life’s pleasures.

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