Hot From The Kettle: Prosciutto di Palma – Part 2

Two weeks ago, in HFTK’s first segment of Prosciutto di Palma, we visited our partner in pork, Rob Nicolosi, at Nicolosi Foods, and procured our Berkshire pig – today we’re going to cure the pig.

Curing is amazingly simple – easy as 1,2,3. First, the pig leg is covered with Kosher salt. Then it’s wrapped in a plastic bag. Finally the uncured pork is pressed one day for each pound. For example, if you’re curing a 25 pound pig leg, according to Lou’s method, it should be pressed for 25 days.

The most intricate part of the undertaking is the pressing. This year, Lou is using a custom press, built and designed for him by Steve Cozzolino of Cozzolino Furniture Design.

Don’t have a custom prosciutto press? No worries! A plethora of makeshift arrangements, like wood boards and heavy rocks, will also do the job.

The waiting, as philosopher Petty states, really is the hardest part. Click play to go inside Lou’s garage.

Part three to follow, including the hanging, drying, and Lou’s method of simulating the winds of Tuscany. Stay tuned!

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