Montclair: Fatal Fire On Carlton Drive

UPDATE: Montclair Times is reporting that the woman rescued from the fire later died at the hospital.

Fire and rescue personnel were on the scene of a large working fire on Carlton Drive that started around 2:30 p.m. this afternoon, as first reported by Breaking News Network.

Rescue trucks from Bloomfield, West Orange, Verona and Montclair reported to the scene. The huge fire, on Carlton Drive, just off Alexander in Montclair, resulted in one victim, a female, who was brought to St. Joseph’s Hospital in critical condition. A rescue team was able to reach the victim and remove her from the house, which was badly damaged in the fire.

Deputy Chief of the Montclair Township Fire Department Thomas Diveny said when firefighters and trucks pulled up to the house, which included those from Montclair, West Orange, Clifton and Bloomfield, it was a fully involved fire.

Alexander Ave. was blocked off at both Grove St. and Broad St. during and after the fire, and Carlton Dr. was a beehive of flashing lights, fire trucks and moving bodies until about 4 p.m.

Although it was originally reported there were two people inside the house, there was only one person found inside and rescued. Critically injured, that person was transferred to St. Joseph’s Hospital in nearby Paterson.

At this point, Diveny said he could not comment on why the person was unable to get out of the house before or during the fire.

There were no firefighters injured during the rescue or while putting out the fire.

“They did a valiant effort,” said Diveny of all firefighters at the scene that afternoon.

At 4 o’clock, when the multiple fire trucks on the scene were beginning to pull away, Diveny said it was still too early to conclusively determine the cause of the fire. At that time, the department was just starting its investigation in conjunction with the
Essex County Prosecutor’s Office.

“Initially, it does appear that it is going to be accidental,” said Diveny, “but as of right now we have no initial cause. And because of the severity of the issue, we have the Prosecutor’s Office here to assist our investigators.”

First Ward Councilor Rich Murnick was also on the scene as well, talking with officials.

“I head the trucks and I received a phone call that there was a fire down here,” said Murnick, “so I figured I would come down. No one was injured going in, which is very important.”

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  1. First of all, its VERY sad that her family lost her. But hey…where’s all the commentary on the overpaid firefighters? Common…lets bash them and talk about how they aren’t worth the paper their checks are printed on!

  2. Well.. since you bring it up.. they are overpaid. There are many dedicated volunteers that do the same job, day in and day out, and dont collect a pay check. This is the one big fire for the year in Montclair. I would love to get paid 80-100 thousand a year to fight one fire, too bad the town doesnt open their eyes and use volunteers

  3. Are you ready to volunteer? If so you better get ready to dig in! There are hundreds of Structures fires in Montclair each year. That is a fact. Please don’t take my word for it look it up. You also said ” this is the one big fire for the year in Montclair”. Well If that “one big fire” was at your home and one of your family or loved one was burned to death would you be on the Internet making that same statement??? My condolences to the family who has just lost a mother and a wife.

  4. Before one comments…one should be completely informed. It is sad that the people of this town are not informed and assume that these people are paid to fight one fire a year. What’s worse is that the town doesn’t inform it’s residents about where their tax dollars are going. One fire? Be real. There are plenty of fires in Montclair…thankfully, not of the magnitude of the one in this article. Most of them don’t get to be this severe because of the work that the firefighters do. They don’t ONLY fight fires..which common sense would tell you. They have taken over functions of the water department so that the town can reduce overtime. They respond to car accidents, false alarms due to residential alarms a number of times a day. The Sienna Building is good for that. They do well being checks, they plow for the ambulances in snow storms. Then, while we are all sleeping…they are shoveling out hydrants so that if there is a fire…they can get to the waterrrrrrrrrrr. God forbid a home owner made any attempt to shovel a hydrant in front of their house while they are shoveling their walk. They work holidays…sometimes the same holiday every year. They have families too. Have you ever had to fight a fire? I know I haven’t, but I know too many people that have and quite a few of them have had a number of different injuries that have resulted in surgery. Has anyone taken into consideration the emotional damage? I can’t imagine what it would be like to try to save a life and not succeed. They respond to other local towns when they need help fighting their fires. What about the fact that Montclair covers Glen Ridge? Do you know where that money goes? Hint: Not to the fire department. These guys volunteered to respond to the disaster at the World Trade Center…VOLUNTEERED!!!!!! That means they didn’t get paid for it. I could go on and on and on. Maybe we should request a blotter be put in the paper, like the police department does, so that the residents can be informed as to what the fire fighters do every day. Funny thing is…all the guys I know I love what they do….even under the worst circumstances. How about a little respect. Maybe you should post what you do for a living and we can all criticize it and tell you how you are over paid. My heart goes out to this family. It is disgusting that you…commoncents…would turn this tragedy into a financial issue.

  5. >Aggrav8ed….Most of the posters here are just looking to tweek someone into responding and sometimes do not know of what they speak. These threads constantly get high jacked about politics and taxes.
    The firefighters and police are doing one hell of a job and will probably not see the job cuts compared to other municipal workers or for that fact, school custodians and special aid teachers who are already being outsourced in a lot of communities, Montville being one of them.
    When most schools had delayed openings this week that town changed delayed status to closed because the contracted custodial crews probably don’t live anywhere near the community and couldn’t make it in or have any loyalty to be there for the residents. Hopefully this won’t happen to you. Although as a resident of GR I wished we still had our own fire dept. but hope the Montclair firefighters are near enough and have our backs when needed.

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