New Year’s Resolutions for Mothers

So we asked you what your resolutions were as parents, but what about ones for yourself? I remember well those early years as a mother and how important it was to take time out for myself. I hardly ever did it although I kept saying I would. Then last year I vowed to do something I’ve always wanted to do. Become a professional volleyball player. Okay, I’m not a pro yet, but I did take a volleyball class and finally proved my theory that I had untapped volleyball potential.

I had never played before (not in high school or college or even just for fun), but instinctively I knew this was my game. I could be great. Maybe even the greatest. So I signed up at the Montclair Adult School (the fact that my instructor was a fifty-year-old woman provided a measure of confidence), bought my knee-pads and devoted myself to be the best never-before-played-volleyball volleyball player this world had ever known.

Setting aside that time for myself was a little tricky, and it made for a more hectic schedule. I had to stuff dinner down my throat and run out the door the moment my husband walked in. I grumbled about it every time Monday night volleyball class rolled around, complaining I really didn’t have time for it and I’d rather lay on the couch in my pajamas. But when I got to class, all that disappeared. Everything disappeared. I wasn’t anyone’s mother or wife or short order cook or maid or personal assistant or chauffer. I was just me. And I was focused on and absorbed in the game. That was an experience I hadn’t had in a long time.

This year I’m not exactly sure what my resolution will be, but I did happen to find out our very own Georgette Gilmore had herself a little spa day getaway recently. To be fair, I think it was a birthday gift, but still I wondered, “Where’s my spa day getaway?”

My sister, a small business owner and mother of three, and I have been talking about going away for a girls’ weekend for over a year now. I think this year may be the year.

Is this the year for you? What do you resolve to do for yourself in 2011?

(Photo/Flickr: JMRosenfeld)

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  1. I’ve always wanted to learn to scuba dive. It was one of my resolutions for the last several years, and somehow between kids, work and grad school it never seems like the right time.

    I’m totally inspired by your volleyball, though! Maybe this is the year to start those scuba lessons…

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