Warrants Issued for MSU’s Nicki Minaj Concert Scam

Warrants were issued last week by Montclair State University Police Department for Romarick Hough of Premier Talent Agency for allegedly scamming MSU’s Student Government Association out of $35,000.

The SGA thought they were paying for a concert featuring rapper Nicki Minaj for homecoming weekend last fall, until the rapper tweeted that she had never heard of the concert plans.

“Obviously this investigation presented difficulties as the individual was out of state, was versed in attempts to conceal information, and he was not readily available for interview. Overall though, the Detective Bureau was methodical and comprehensive in this investigation,” MSUPD Lt. Kieran Barrett told Baristanet.

Hough, who is from the Chicago area, will need to respond to the active warrants by appearing in court or presenting himself for arrest. If he fails to do, “the university police will press for extradition from Illinois through the assistance of the state and Federal agencies,” Barrett said.

Warrants were issued for theft by deception, criminal impersonation and securing executed documents (contracts) by deception. The first two offenses are crimes of the third degree and are based on the money secured by Hough that will carry fines and jail time if convicted.

When students waited on line for $40 tickets on Sept. 22, they Tweeted to Minaj, who responded that this was a scam and she had never been approached to perform at MSU. She also said she would help in anyway to find out who was misrepresenting her and to find a replacement act.
Minaj’s legal team tracked down Hough after MSU told her they gave him a deposit on the concert. She then tweeted his name and phone number to her followers.

Photo of students courtesy of The Montclarion, the student voice of Montclair State University. Nicki Minaj photo from Wikipedia.

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  1. Wow, the headline and picture make it look like the rapper was involved in scamming. I wonder what her lawyers will think?

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