Crazy Commute

Oh boy what a mess. Comments czarina Kaity Creasy just sent us this picture of the mob at Penn Station. But a Clever Commuter put out a message at 6:44 p.m. saying “Port Authority a disaster, stay away.”

Word from commuters is that train traffic is backed up because of several derailments. Some trains have been cancelled; others delayed by 20 minutes or more. Meanwhile wall-to-wall humans in the waiting room.

The 6:40 p.m. midtown direct train to Montclair is just now boarding at 7:08 p.m.

A later message from Clever Commuters at Port Authority said things “looked worse than it is,” and despite refusal to allow standees, “buses are arriving and leaving quickly.”

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  1. Hey, New Jersey Transit must use the same Excuses Staff that DeCamp does.

    I used to commute and I can tell you zipped home in my car today…like, fast!!! Is it really worth it folks?

  2. “Train towns…”

    I was in this mess tonight. I can’t believe that there’s still this myth that it’s easy to commute to Montclair. It’s getting worse by the day. People tell me that folks are starting to figure this out and are wondering if they wouldn’t be “better off in Brooklyn.” What’s the sense of pretending any longer when this happens at least two or three times a week?

    Regrets … 🙁

  3. I think my husband is in that picture. He’s the one with the steam coming out of his ears. I wish these trains would run on time, because I’m sick and tired of listening to him complain over and over about his commute. Yesterday Hank, my masseuse, had me about as relaxed as a bowl full of jello, and along comes hubby to ruin the magic. Memo to commuters: Quit yer whinin’!

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