Cricket Hill Brewery Video Goes Viral

A Cricket Hill tour video, dubbed “Hilarious Cricket Hill Micro Brewery Plant Tour Speech
and referenced here, has gone viral with almost 30,000 views and a mention in New York Magazine’s Approval Matrix (under Brilliant, Lowbrow) described as…

The hit YouTube clip of a New Jersey microbrewer’s apoplectic rant about watery mass-market beer (search for “Cricket Hill video.”)

The video of Cricket Hill’s Rick Reed giving a welcome speech/battle cry to a tour group is part stand up comedy, part “mad as hell” brewmaster who can’t take people drinking what he calls the No.1 selling water in New Jersey — Coors Light — anymore. Watch, then tell us whether you agree — and what beer you like to drink — in comments.

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  1. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Rick for many years and he is a very good guy that believes in his product. He is also very a very community minded business owner.

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