David Carr, Movie Star

Add this to the list of accomplishments of Montclair’s David Carr: movie star. In addition to being a New York Times media columnist, a former drug addict and memoirist and a master tweeter with a following of 295,491, Carr is the star of Andrew Rossi’s documentary “Page One: A Year Inside the New York Times,” which got tons of buzz at Sundance last week.

Filmmaker Rossi spent a year with his camera trained on the Times’s media desk, as a way of reporting the story of how media is changing everything, including the times. Although other Times media reporters like Brian Stelter and Bruce Headlam get face time in the movie (and this trailer), Rossi describes the omtwitpotent Carr as the movie’s “soul” and IMDB identifies him as its star.

I personally can’t wait to see the movie, and it has to show up at the Clairidge: it would have to be like catnip for moviegoers in Montclair, not only because half of us work in the media business (old or new), but because of the professional jealousy that headlines like this are is bound to inspire. Rawr!

But we’re sure Carr’s up to challenge of being a pinup boy-slash-dart board. As he tweeted from Sundance on Sunday:

Alll the cool people have pulled out of Sundance. Explains why I’m still here. Missed the hipster bus again.

Still of Carr from the trailer for Page One.

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