Did You Receive a Push Present?

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, the term “Push Present” was popular on a mommy blog community I read a lot. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this term, it’s a present given to a woman for giving birth–you know, pushing a baby out. Although having a c-section isn’t fun and games, so they are eligible.

Personally, I was never comfortable with the idea. Having a child, even though I did all the hard work, didn’t feel like something I should be rewarded for. It was more of a celebration. I know, I know. Presents are given at celebrations too, but the women I heard using the term were picking out diamond earrings, designer handbags, and the like. It just seems forced.

I asked around to find out if Push Presents were still the norm and what women were getting these days:

  • “My push presents were our kids!”
  • “My husband got me a beautiful Louis Vuitton Alma bag for the first one. Still waiting for the gift for the second child, 2 years later.”
  • “I did not know it had a name…. I got a ring for each.”

Did you get a push present? How do you feel about  the practice?

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  1. Maybe this is the adoptive parent in me talking…but the concept of “Push Present” might be the most absurd thing I’ve heard in a long, long time.

  2. ummm…??! well, I got flowers from both sets of new grandparents, does that count … otherwise, as far as presents go, I guess having hubby’s grandma come over and wash the sinkful of dishes that he left for me was present enough! (I just didn’t have the strength to kick his hiney at the time!)

    The second kid went almost entirely unnoticed… 😉

  3. This just pisses me off. It’s not about stuff, ladies, it’s about life. One that you are responsible for for the rest of your life. It’s not just about you anymore. Isn’t having a child a gift in itself ?

  4. LOL Ms M!
    Any dad that can push out a bowling ball and live to tell about it, will get a tray of Snickerdoodles, home-made and hand-delivered by yours truly! 🙂 HAHA

  5. Sexist? Hardly. I pushed for 3 hours with my first child. Not fun. With that said, I told my husband not to get me a “Birthing Present”. It seemed silly to me. Our friends and family were so generous with flowers and other fun things they sent us as well as the time they took to come and help us.

    We were blessed with two healthy children. I’m just not sure where diamond earrings or a designer handbag fit in the whole having a baby thing….

    Kay- my mother came and cleaned the mess my husband made in the kitchen as well! I loved it so much that with the second child I had the cleaning woman come while I was in the hospital. That was my “push present” to myself!

  6. The best present a man can give the mother of his child is time. Time to love her and time spend with the children. Sadly, for too many men even this commodity it too rare.

  7. Prof is right — I’d rather have a man who wakes up in the middle of the night than doing lots of work while wearing a shiny bauble. This reminds of the whole wedding present thing — I remember it came in vogue where you were supposed to get your spouse-to-be a wedding present. I could just hear my mother saying — someone invented these things to get people to spend $$$.

  8. Oh please……. Get Real !! I gave my wife love, courage, alot of time and helped around the house. A close friend gave his wife’s delivery of healthy baby a set of diamond earings! Why? BECAUSE he felt so gulity because he was “sleeping around with old girlfriends” during the wife’s last 4 months, before her delvery.

  9. I really don’t think most men could handle being pregnant for 9 month and then pushing out a baby and caring for it to the extent that most women do, so I say if jewelry makes you happy and you can afford it, then go for it. Plus it is a great keepsake.

  10. I have to admit – I was given something that I guess would be considered a Push Present. My husband had been talking about getting me diamond stud earrings for a long time and surprised me with them a month or so after I had our first child. It wasn’t an expectation on my end at all, though.

    That said, my very traditional and anti-spending mom had encouraged my older brother to buy a present for his (ex)wife after the birth of their son. It is apparently a classic thing. The husband should get flowers and a small gift for his wife to show his appreciation of everything she went through in pregnancy and childbirth to provide him with a child. It’s antiquated, but hey…love my earrings 😉

  11. Crazy thing..push present! Please! Once again I’ll have to agree with Prof. Also, lucky me that my husband does dishes and changed tons of diapers 🙂 !

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