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In this week’s Help a Mother Out, it’s a dad who is looking for help. In this feature, we ask you, our readers and other moms and dads, to help out with your best advice in comments:

Our son just turned 1, and the pediatrician told us to start giving him whole milk. We’ve done so…and he hates it! What can we do to make milk more appealing?


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  1. I remember adding milk to formula and decreasing the amount of formula in the milk a bit at a time. You know, the old switcheroo.

  2. I am actually not a huge believer in milk for young children and instead gave my son yobaby drinkable yogurt. It has all the calcium a baby needs and has a lot of health benefits you do not get from milk. My pediatrician felt it was a better idea and of course they come in different flavors. But if you are very intent on the milk, I would recommend blending it with a fruit your son does like.

  3. RoC is right – mix it in increasing proportions with formula. And, if you warm the formula but not the milk, eventually you will be relieved of the bottle-warming thing too! Now might be the time to introduce the sippy cup also if you haven’t already. New flavor, new big-kid cup…

  4. I tried every trick in the book to get my second daughter to drink milk, and she hated it. But, like ldorosz, she loved Yobaby drinkable yogurts. When she turned two, I switched to the regular smoothies with less fat. She has about two a day and I’m not worried about her getting enough calcium.

  5. Is this a joke? Is someone really asking this question?

    What’s next, making the transition from jammies with built-in footies to those without?

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