Lauryn Hill Sucked

This is a photo of an empty stage and a lonely DJ at the Lauryn Hill concert last night. She was originally scheduled to go on at 8 p.m. She didn’t grace us with her presence until 12:05 a.m.

She came out in a crazy black suit with a crooked shiny red shirt. Her opening song, Forever Loving Jah, was a raspy garbled mess. Sound was bad from the system and from her throat. She flailed her arms around like a dying pigeon. She took so many liberties with her songs that they weren’t the hits I remembered and loved; they were wild interpretations of them. I would’ve seen a better show at a tiny R&B cover bar on the Lower East Side.

At 11 p.m., the DJ desperately tried to rev up a hostile crowd that shouted for Lauryn. Then six or so little kids, some of them presumably Lauryn’s, emerged from the curtains to dance backstage. At 11:30 p.m., we saw a baby, no more than 11 months old, join the crew. Boy, I would hate to be that nanny.

Her appearance at The Wellmont, a stone’s throw from her hometown in South Orange, thankfully marked the end of her 17-date tour.

By 12:40 a.m., I gave up on Lauryn. I could only justify the $65 ticket price because I had an extra long time to catch up with good friends. But in the end, I was too fed up to enjoy the show. I left along with lots of disgruntled people. Lauryn could doo wop that thing by herself.

Here’s what the Twittosphere thought:

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  1. Too funny, Kristen!! I especially liked that she wore a “crooked shiny red shirt,” and sang “wild interpretations” of her songs with a “raspy garbled mess” of a voice. HAHAHAHA

    But after the NY Times review back in Dec., which sadly was also about Ms. Hill being 3 hours late, I’m surprised anyone would even give her another chance.

    Goes to the strength of her music. IF ONLY for the chance to hear her sing one of her hits live… I might wait 3 hours.

    But for this?

    Did anyone ask for his or her money back?

    (btw, this makes me so mad because so many desperately talented folks, wanting the chance to make music and entertain for a living, and folks like this just seem to throw it away…)

  2. I LOVED The Fugees and “The Miseducation of Lauren Hill.” Played every track over and over for a year. She was amazing. Sadly, something happened and she is not the same Lauryn Hill.

    I got so excited when I first heard she was playing in town, but then remmebered all the reviews and stories about her recent shows.

    I’m glad I didn’t spend that money and stay up that late for an awful show.

  3. If you had done the slightest bit of research into what has happened on the rest of the tour believe me you wouldn’t have wasted your money on a ticket.

  4. Wow, this show makes Neko Case’s recent lackluster and rather bitchy performance at the Wellmont sound heavenly.

    The incredibly talented Lauryn Hill has become a bitter wackadoodle. Sigh.

  5. Perhaps it is time to call for a “Concert Goers Rights Act” similar to the Airline Passenger Right Act where they can only keep you on the tarmac for so long.

  6. What is a “crooked” shirt? And what tailoring details make a suit “crazy?”

    This is not good, clear writing, in other words. (And is there ever anything resembling copy editing on this site?)

  7. Hey yalls! Apparently there was a concert last night in the mtc by the 1990s buzzband the Lauren Hills. Damn. So many tweens got “shafted” bc the lead singer of the Lauren Hills got “wasted” and completely effed up the concert. Entry level alts went to “twitter” to talk abt how “angry” they were with the situation (via missing curfews).

    First lamestreamers were all “Yeah that sucked”
    Then an alt tween said “That sucked cuz Lauren Hills are mad old”
    Then a chill bro said “Hella boring! Going 2 Girl Talk yalls”
    Then everyone said “Yeah H8 u Lauren Hills”
    Then a lady was like “Why is the Lauren Hills red and shiny”
    Then someone said “I’m out peace brah!”

    It was mad funee!

    Ne ways, wondering what life was like back in the 1990s. Kinda feel sad for the “cool dads” in the audience who wanted to “bond” with their offspring and “share” the music of their past (via freedom rock). Sorta want them to “stay home”.

    Do u like the music of the Lauren Hills?
    Did they “crush it” last night?
    Do u use “twitter” to share your feelings?
    Are concerts “bullsh*t”?

  8. I’m so glad to be able to spend a fraction of the Wellmont big act ticket and see great shows at local area bars like Tierneys and other venues around Jersey and Manhattan. So many surprising, great acts and no ritual late starts.

  9. This is video from 12/28/10.

    Remember, Ms. Hill “won’t apologize” because she gave her “entire 20’s sacrificing her life” to give us love.

    (And cathar, just reading a “crooked shirt” made me laugh again. Who knows what it means? But the image of a shirt- crooked- is hilarious. Try it: stand in front of a mirror, and pull on one side of your shirt down and tell me if you don’t laugh. C’mon, try it….)

  10. I can easily imagine a crooked shirt caused by skipping a button. I know you have to really stretch your imagination there because the odds of not buttoning your shirt correctly are a million to one, but then again, I have a crazy good imagination.

  11. OMG! We went to see Ms. Lauryn Hill along with a lot of others at the Wellmont last night. When we got to the theatre they had flyers hanging around stating that there would be a DJ starting at 9p and Ms Lauryn Hill would be coming “later in the evening.” We asked the workers in the booth and they told us she would prob. be coming around 10:30 or 11. It was crazy. We went and saw Buitiful at the movie theatre and then came back to the Wellmont around 10:30. Still waited til about 12:30 for Lauryn to start and when she did we were sadly disappointed. She was to give a 2 hr show and we left at the end of the first hour. Her band was noisy, background singers loud and she only moved a few feet to the right and back to the left. Her voice sounded the same but she changed the rhythm of her hits so you couldn’t even sing along and really get into it. I hope that she will get it together but meanwhile I blame the Wellmont owners as well because many things that transpired led me to believe that they knew of some of this and just wanted to make the money. BTW they were only giving refunds if she didn’t show at all. What a joke.

  12. Oh and by the way, the best part of the evening was seeing the movie Biutiful with Javier Bardem. Great movie and he is gorgeous.

  13. We went, bought a ticket outside at 9pm, loads of people were trying to sell their tickets, knowing Lauryn would be late or not even arrive. The atmosphere was pretty good early on, a few people were getting impatient, others just getting very drunk. By midnight many people had left. I actually had a great night, but Lauryn needs a reality check. Give your fans more respect.

  14. The overall tone of this review is mean-spirited. What does Ms. Hill’s clothing have to do with anything? Judging from the videos that I’ve seen,it seems like the majority of the audience stayed for the duration of the show. Anyway, I hope you are not getting paid for this “review” because not only do you write like a 4th grader, you did not even stay for the entire show. So should we take you seriously. You only stayed for 35 minutes.

  15. My girlfriend and I decided to visit Montclair, my hometown, this weekend in part because of the Lauryn Hill show. When I bought tickets, only New York had happened, and it was possible to write off her tardiness there, at least in part, to the blizzard that had happened days earlier. When we arrived at the Wellmont right around 8, we were informed by a Wellmont staffer that she wouldn’t start before 11, likely closer to 12 (kudos for candor). We opted to skip it when we got the news; I didn’t even try to sell the tickets outside. Figured I knew her rep, and knowingly took my chances when I bought the ticket.

    Yesterday, I sent an email to (I believe, it was something like that, the best thing I could find on the website) asking to whom I might speak about getting my money back.

    Amazingly, without further conversation, I received an email a couple of hours later indicating that I would receive a full credit for my tickets from, where I bought them.

    (I should note that over 24 hours later, I’m not yet showing the credit. But that’s probably because I complained from a different email than the one associated with the purchase. The response directed me to for further assistance.)

    As an aside, I’m really surprised to hear Neko gave a poor performance there recently. I saw her in Pittsburgh maybe two years ago, and she put on a fantastic, engaged show, under sub-optimal outdoor conditions (recent rain, heat, bugs that kept accosting her on stage).

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