Montclair Blotter: Theft, Vandalism…and a Reminder

Today’s blotter (scroll down below) involves two thefts and vandalism. Yesterday’s police blotter detailed a significant heroin trafficking bust on North Mountain Ave. — we draw your attention to this note from Montclair police:

Though the detectives were able to identify and arrest two males involved in this drug distribution ring, it is concerning that their apprehension was made in an area where we do not typically receive reports associated with heroin trafficking. Perhaps these two men chose this location because they mistakenly believed that their criminal activity would go unnoticed. These arrests show that drug trafficking can occur virtually anywhere, and I ask that residents report any suspicious behavior that they see to assist in identifying and investigating possible crimes occurring. It is disturbing that these men had ammunition in the residence without explanation, and I am hopeful that the continuing investigation will perhaps remove another gun from the streets.”


On 2/24/11 at approximately 10:25 AM, police responded to CVS on Claremont Avenue on a report of a theft from a motor vehicle. The caller, a Glen Ridge resident, reports that she parked her vehicle in the parking lot to the CVS approximately 10 minutes prior to contacting the police. When she returned to the vehicle, she discovered that the rear passenger’s side of the window had been broken, and her purse had been stolen. Shortly thereafter, a Glen Ridge Police Officer reported that he had discovered the purse in the area of Sherman Street and Baldwin Street in Glen Ridge. It was learned that a Canon Sure Shot digital camera, valued at $200, had been stolen from the purse. There are no suspects at this time.
Anyone with further information is asked to contact Detective Lynn McCarthy at 973-509-4725.


On 2/24/11 at approximately 10:45 AM, police were dispatched to the Montclair High School Annex on Park Street on a report of vandalism. Police were directed towards the north side of the building, where “Nos Knows” was written in gray and white spray paint. It is believed that the vandalism occurred sometime after 11:00 AM on 2/21/11. There are no suspects at this time.
Anyone with further information is asked to contact the Juvenile Aid Bureau at 973-509-4733.


On 2/24/11 at approximately 6:10 PM, police were dispatched to the Radio Shack in Lackawanna Plaza on a report of a theft. According to an employee, at approximately 4:00 PM on that date, a male walked into the store and stated that he wanted to purchase a Blackberry Curve cellular phone. The employee brought the phone to the counter and showed it to the male. As the male was looking at the phone, he switched the new phone with a non-working display phone. The male then told the manager that he did not have the money and said that he would return.
The manager then went to return the box and observed that the phones had been switched. The male had already left the store when this was discovered by the employee.
The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 5’7”, and last seen wearing blue jeans and a black leather-like jacket. Anyone with further information is asked to contact Detective Sergeant Wil Young at 973-509-4719,

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