NYC-bound Traffic at a Standstill

Late rush hour traffic is at a full stop heading towards the inbound Lincoln Tunnel due to a serious accident that occured at 7:30 this morning. According to CBS News, the accident involved a motorcycle and three buses (two NJ Transit buses and a jitney) with multiple injuries inside the tunnel’s center tube. Police are currently blocking the center tube and forcing all traffic to the south tube. Delays are reported to be over two hours.

The motorcycle driver — who was trapped under a bus and critically injured — was taken to Bellevue Hospital. Approximately 30 bus passengers sustained non-life threatening injuries and around 13 suffered more serious injuries, according to EMS responders to the scene.

Liz George snapped this photo while stuck on Route 3 near the junction of 495, 1/9.

If you were planning to drive into the city this morning, consider taking the train.

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