Roller Racing at the St. James Gate

Now that the piles of winter snow and ice are melting away, it will finally be easier to bicycle around Baristaville. But the dedicated riders from Speedwell Racing aren’t waiting for the thaw: Last night they brought the cycling indoors to the St. James Gate Publick House in Maplewood.

Moshe and Mike from Speedwell set up a pair of fixed-gear track frame bikes on racks with large steel rollers, which were both hooked up to a laptop and projector. Volunteers from the assembled cycling enthusiasts came up two at a time, mounted the bikes…and pedaled as fast as they could through a virtual track on the screen. The bikers hit speeds of over 70mph without going anywhere and were cheered all the way to the digital finish line.

This was the maiden roller-race event for the Speedwell crew, but they’re already scheduling more races at bars in Baristaville (including an encore at the St. James Gate on Wednesday, February 23rd, 8pm). “We’ve trained on rollers most of our lives,” said Moshe, who is hoping to book a full series of local roller races next season: “We’ll ride right through the winter, so the racing never ends.”

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  1. Lance’s retirement actually came up several times at the event. Maybe now he’ll have time to stop by for one of these?

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