There’s A Situation in West Orange Tonight

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is making a guest appearance tonight at 4Sixty6 in West Orange. The Situation” will be hosting tonight’s event with music by Guest DJ Griffel playing a mix of house, hip hop and mashups. Doors open at 9 p.m. Ladies are free until 11 p.m., gentlemen are $15 at the door. Full event information located at and

Looking for something completely different? Today, AMC Theatres nationwide are showing some of the best movies of the year on the big screen. Spend $35 and experience five of the Best Picture nominees, plus get a $10 AMC Gift Card and a commemorative lanyard and event poster, for only $35. Theaters in NYC are in on it; info at .

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  1. I really enjoyed the “Fighter”. Christian Bale unveiled another totally believable character. Marky Mark was very good, Amy Adams, who may be the most beautiful woman on Earth, was as awesome as usual, and Melissa Leo (all you ‘Homicide’ fans will remember her) was truly amazing. This was a very entertaining and heart warming flick and is one of the best movies I’ve seen in years. I hope it gets a couple of statues.

  2. Thanks MB, I KNEW Leo looked familiar… I haven’t seen The Fighter, so I’ve just seen random pix of her.

    If you were to call Mark Walberg- MARKY MARK to his face- he’d want to hit you.

    I LOVED True Grit. Thought is was perfect. As was The Social Network.

    But since they moved up the Oscars a month, I haven’t seen everything.

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