Vote for Jesse and Dana

Jesse Good and Dana Barry were vacationing separately in Amsterdam in May 2009, meeting for the first time when he spilled a drink on her in the Leidseplein. They had a nice, but short, conversation, and that might have been that, except for the fact that fate seated them side by side on their flight home.

“I actually did this huge, cartoonish double take when I saw her. We talked nearly the whole flight home,” says Good, 32, president of Good Products in Verona. “I’ve never had an eight-hour flight go so fast.”

Good and Barry, who is 26, now live together on Valley Road in Montclair and have an Oct. 29 wedding planned in Tarrytown, N.Y. But how sweet the day would be if they won $100,000 in the Crate & Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest. They’re gathering votes here. The top 100 most popular entries will get judged on the originality of their love story, the creativity of their dream wedding day and how well their “description of dream home reflects a Crate and Barrel-inspired lifestyle.”

“She’s an amazing woman and an amazing friend,” says Good. “They give you a limited space to tell your story, but I could have kept going. I would have loved to tell people how she stuck by me when I discovered I had testicular cancer in September of 2009 and took care of me through the surgery and the radiation that followed. She’s been by my side ever since. I’m a lucky guy.”

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  1. Nice story & I wish you both all that is heathly and wealth(y) ! 🙂

    I was selling cars (Dodge) 27 years ago and a pretty girl came in to look at cars. I was her salesman. I sold her ME and then I bought her the car. But…. that was all of 2 & a half decades ago. I made a “good deal” & never trading her in, for a newer model ’cause she is a Classic!

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