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Land’s End Jacket Found

An orange and blue boy's Land's End jacket was found on the playground at Edgemont Park. There is a name on the label, so if you think this may be your jacket, simply write...

Union Rights Protestors Disrupt Business on Bloomfield Avenue

One long time union supporter is upset by the protestors' behavior.

Mei’s Cafe: Hidden Blossom in Montclair

After two and a half years of searching and hoping, my hunt for perfect, local Southeast Asian fare is over.

Don’t Mind the Water

This just in from the Township of Montclair. Water pressure in some areas will be lower tonight and discoloration may occur. Montclair Water Bureau crews will be working at the Grove Street Pump Station from...

The Weekend: Something For Everyone

With all the fun options this weekend, there's no excuse not to get out.

Montclair Municipal Elections: To Move or Not to Move

There are pros and cons to changing the municipal elections from May to November. Read both sides here.

Help a Mother Out

Like Desperate in Glen Ridge, this Help a Mother Out is about dinner ideas, but this mom-in-need wants specific help.  In this feature, we ask you, our readers and other moms and dads, to help out...

PVSC Responds to Flooding Concerns Along Third River

Workers with heavy earth-moving equipment are removing a collapsed streambank which is impeding the flow of the Bloomfield waterway.

Rate Your Montclair Teacher

The Montclair School district has put out a Parent Satisfaction Survey, to allow parents to rate their child's teacher. Typically, at this time in the school year, teachers are being evaluated by administration, especially those...

Mystery Graffiti Knitter Adorns South Orange

A daffodil growing on a street lamp is the latest in a series of anonymous public art.

Ask Holly: Random Acts of Daffodilness

Shake your fist at Mother Nature and bring spring on now!

Coffee With … Anie Knipping

Anie Knipping can see music and taste numbers. Her book, "Eccentricity," illustrates the worldview of a synesthesiac.

Color Queens of Baristaville to the Rescue

Choosing paint colors can be one of the most exasperating and angst-ridden projects a homeowner will tackle.

Princess for a Night

Glen Ridge royalty strolled the runway on Tuesday evening, showing off the latest fashions and raising money for charity.

Clever Commute