Mark Your Calendars: Family Night is March 23

In my house every night is family night. My kids and husband and I all sit down and eat dinner together as a family. We have to wait for my husband as he gets home a little late, but still we get to dine together every night. So when my daughter came home from school one day and asked what we were doing for family night, I said, “What do you mean? We’re going to eat dinner and go to bed like we do every night.”

This answer did not satisfy her. While I had been aware of Family Night for years, Sasha was never old enough until last year to get the whole concept of the special night, but when she did she started making demands. If students were getting a night off, Sasha wanted extra fun and games.

I think I make my kids’ lives pretty darn entertaining as it is, but the town of Verona has declared Family Night as an evening for all families to spend quality time together. The Verona Municipal Alliance Committee (VMAC), working with the township and Board of Education (BoE), has cleared the calendar of all meetings, practices and homework so families can have uninterrupted quality time family activities for the ninth year in a row. With a night free of schedules VMAC hopes to “emphasize the importance of parental engagement” which is an effective tool in keeping kids substance-free.

I have to admit the family night idea is a good one especially for those with older kids involved in tons of activities or mounds of homework each night. So Wednesday, March 23 it is, and for even more family fun local restaurants and eateries will again be offering discounts. Check the VMAC site starting on the 19th for coupons.

Do you pencil in quality time with the family?

(Poster by Verona H.B. Whitehorn Middle School Students Kayla Drozdowski and Rebecca Karpinski.)

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  1. I’m with you Stacey!! We’re fortunate enough (and adjusted our schedules accordingly) to have breakfast and dinner together every day. It matters.

    But this is dumb AND stupid. I’m reminded of Chris Rock’s routine: “[ Proudly] I take care of my kids”… Thats what you’re supposed to do!”

    The Town advocates “Family Night.” Well isn’t that EVERY night?

    And really. For those who every night is not “family night” (those poor souls who work too hard- by choice or fact- and those single parents, etc.) is this going to remind them?

    Coming up next week: GO TO SLEEP WEEK. Or EAT FOOD WEEK.

  2. Thank you Prof. I was feeling guilty already. If everyone had to wait til I get home from work to cook and serve dinner, they would be collapsed under the table from starvation. Or, they would have eaten every snack in the house and therefore eat none of the dinner. Yeah yeah, I know I could spend all day Sunday making 5 different meals and stick them in the fridge or freezer. Unfortunately, that’s when we have sports, Girl Scout activities, errands, grocery shopping, and housecleaning to do. We have out Family Time…. just not necessarily at dinner.

    In April we will be having BREATHE WEEK!

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