Me, Governor? Codey to Spill the Political Beans

With a first chapter titled “McGreevey’s Gay, I’m the New Governor” and a second one titled “The Undertaker’s Son: Death and Politics Go Together,” a political memoir by West Orange favorite son Richard Codey sounds like a breezy read. The book, “Me, Governor? My Life in the Rough-and-Tumble World of New Jersey Politics,” comes out in June from Rutgers University Press.

According to a story by the Gannett Statehouse Bureau, Codey’s memoir points a finger at Essex County executive Joe DiVncenzo for helping oust him as state senate president in 2009.

A look inside the book on Amazon finds eight references to DiVincenzo, the first in a chapter called “Politics Gets Very Dirty” and the others in the final chapter about the future. Codey also has a lot to say about the Democratic machine’s decision to have Jon Corzine run as the Democratic candidate for governor in 2005 rather than him.

Stephen Seplow, a former reporter and editor for the Philadelphia Inquirer, co-authored. Judging by the release date, we’ll be seeing lots of copies of “Me, Governor?” down the shore this summer.

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  1. from the photo it looks like it should be called “What, Me Worry?”

    To write a memoir don’t you have to do something memorable?

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