Meet the Author: Amy Ignatow of The Popularity Papers

Being a tween girl isn’t easy and it’s much harder when your best friend has to move to another country. The Popularity Papers tells the story of Julie and Lydia, two BFFs who are determined to be popular in Junior High. But Lydia finds out she has to move to London…

Hear more of the story and meet author Amy Ignatow at WORDS bookstore in Maplewood tomorrow:

The Popularity Papers
Who: Tweens.
What: Meet the author of The Popularity Papers: “After spending all of fifth grade studying popularity together, Julie and Lydia are finally ready to put their hard-earned lessons to use in junior high. But before they can, tragedy strikes: Lydia’s mom gets a job in London for six whole months!”
Where: WORDS, 179 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood, NJ.
When: Saturday, March 19 at 2 pm.
Cost: Free.

(Photo: AI website)

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