Montclair Gets the Red Carpet Treatment

The paparazzi were out in full force in Montclair Saturday night, and they snagged at least one authentic star when Stephen Colbert showed up with his wife Evie to a big fundraiser for the Montclair International Film Festival. But everybody who showed up to the $65-a-head event got the red carpet treatment and (we hear) amazing food. The fundraiser was sold out before it was even publicly announced, but film fest board member Matt Frankel promises there’ll be plenty more and, like Saturday night’s event, they’ll be “low-dollar events” to allow the public to be part of the drive to bring a major Sundance-quality film festival to town.

In addition to the red carpet, the Oscars-themed party featured a $10-an-entry contest to predict the winners of Sunday’s Academy Awards. And the gift baskets go to…

A $400 beauty package to Jack Kassel, who picked 17 Academy Award winners correctly.

A $300 dinner and movie package to Cliff and Mary Ann Lindholm, who had 16 correct.

And an Amanti Vino wine-tasting class for two (value $200) to Carol Apprendi, with 15 correct.

Photos, courtesy of the MIFF, by Frank Schramm and Chanda Hall.

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  1. Sundance attendance went from 17,240 in 1997 to 52,850 in 2006.

    Population of Montclair as of US 2010 Census is 37,669.

    I’m all for culture but where are these people going to stay?

  2. Memo to self: punish mailman for not delivering invitation to Montclair International Film Festival on time.

  3. It’s a good idea, but ..who the hell would pay good money to sit in a shabby venue like the Bellevue ?

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